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How We Make Vending Machines Healthier

How We Make Vending Machines Healthier

Vending machines may already seem like the dream: a variety of convenience foods that are quick and easy to access and enjoy while on-the-go. But even a dream can become a nightmare when vending machines are full of sugar- and fat-laden junk food just waiting to clog your arteries. So how can vending machines be better? Healthy YOU Vending to the rescue!

Can Vending Machines Be Healthy?

Absolutely! Vending machines not only can be healthy, they should be! Providing healthy vending choices is a great way to create a greater draw to your vending machines as well as contribute to better health and wellness habits in your customers. At Healthy YOU Vending, our goal is to help you improve your healthy vending machine offerings and grow a healthy business.

Why Should Vending Machines Have Healthy Food?

Healthy foods are essential to better overall health. They create greater feelings of fullness and satisfaction for longer periods than most junk food options. While junk foods are good for temporary sugar boosts, they don’t provide sustainable energy that can keep you feeling fueled and full. Healthy foods also increase productivity in settings like the workplace and schools. Putting healthy vending snacks in your Healthy YOU machines also promotes wellness in consumers. In today’s health-conscious society, many consumers who see that there are delicious, healthier vending options are more likely to make those better choices—and keep coming back for more.

How Can Vending Machines Be Improved?

The answer seems simple: keep your machines stocked with delicious, healthy snacks. It’s true, of course, that filling your machines with healthy vending options that will leave people feeling full and happy is a great way to improve your vending machine sales. In addition to being fully stocked, ensuring your vending machines are clean and well-maintained is also vital to keeping customers rolling in. The more appealing the appearance, the better. Location matters, too. Place your vending machine in a highly populated location with a good amount of daily foot traffic.

Healthy YOU and What Makes It Healthier

Healthy YOU Vending is a unique business opportunity that emphasizes the importance of providing convenient access to healthier vending options. Our vending machines were designed to put nutritious and delicious snacks, drinks and entrees at the convenience of consumers.

Not only do Healthy YOU Vending machines offer snacks to take the edge off hunger, but the optional SmartMart side vendor provides a place to offer complete meals to hungry employees and customers. Our Wellness Center side vendor can also be used to stock health and wellness items such as over-the-counter medications that can alleviate cold and flu symptoms, allergies, heartburn and more. These SmartMart and Wellness Center attachments to Healthy YOU Vending machines offer an on-the-side convenience store that can help customers stay healthier.

Vending machines are already pretty amazing, but if you want to make yours top tier, click here to learn more about starting your own Healthy YOU Vending machine.

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