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Promoting a Healthy Environment in the Workplace

Promoting a Healthy Environment in the Workplace

A Common Challenge

Millions of employee productivity hours are lost each year due to physical ailments that range from the common cold to life-threatening diseases. This is a costly predicament for many employers who face the threat of lower financial gains while also paying wages for sick employees. It is estimated that billions of workplace dollars are lost annually across the country from illness, with a steady increase in lost dollars occurring each year.

An unfortunate commonality among many American workplace settings is the abundance and accessibility of unhealthy snacks and beverages from typical vending machines. Many of these edibles are heavily processed primarily with preservatives that can create health problems when ingested on a regular basis. Additionally, these products often contain a high-sugar content, which also poses a threat to a healthy body. When a poor diet is coupled with the sedentary lifestyle as found within most office settings, the body’s immune system becomes vulnerable to sickness.

Making the Change

Recognizing that the benefits of healthy living directly affects the professional workplace is slowly gaining momentum. Employers are finding a direct correlation between encouraging and offering positive, healthy work environment changes at work and healthier, happier employees who then utilize less sick time and have higher productivity.

Healthy YOU Vending operators throughout the nation are making it easier for employers to offer better options for their employees. Meals, snacks and beverages made from wholesome ingredients such as whole-grain oats, brown rice and quinoa, with natural flavorings like honey, molasses and stevia offer far more nutrition than their less-healthy counterparts. The nutritionally-sound products provided in Healthy YOU vending machines come in many satisfying varieties, which also encourages employees to stay on campus during break times.

Finding Success

When an employer participates in wellness initiatives that promote health and a more balanced diet, many positive changes are likely to ensue. Healthier employees become more productive with less days missed due to illness. The overall mood and culture of a healthy work environment is likely to transform into an invigorating atmosphere that fosters energy and strong, cohesive relationships between co-workers and employers. Staff members are a key component of every successful company; helping them maintain optimal health is a critical factor in moving businesses forward with success.

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