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What You Do

A Simple-to-Operate Business

Who says that running a business needs to be complicated? With HealthyYOU Vending, it doesn’t. Save time, money and stress by owning and operating your own healthy vending business. No experience in the vending industry? Don’t worry. We provide initial training and ongoing support. We’ll even help you place your machines in locations “hungry” for healthy snacks, drinks and entrées. Then, just monitor your vending machines from anywhere with our proprietary technologies, keep them stocked with popular products… and grow! It’s really that simple.

Who says that running a business needs to be complicated?


With our help, place your machines in locations seeking healthy vending solutions.

Our coaches help you develop a custom location strategy based on your area and your goals. Once a location has been selected, your machine will be delivered and uncrated. You stock the machine with your initial products, download product pricing and start selling!


Check your vending machines remotely, anytime day or night, to maximize revenue.

See sales, profit margins, inventory, and other important business data 24/7—from any device and in real time. Quickly and easily identify the best product mix and know exactly what is needed to restock each machine before you go.


Refill your vending machines weekly, or as needed.

Each location visit is typically 20 minutes to restock and remove any cash. Most machines are restocked weekly but very busy locations may need attention more often.


Introduce healthy vending to additional locations.

Always be on the lookout for additional locations. Your vending machines are a billboard for healthy options and you may receive interest from other potential locations. Grow as, and when, you are ready.

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