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Heart Healthy Snacks for World Heart Day

Heart Healthy Snacks for World Heart Day

Your heart is the hardest-working muscle in your body. By age 70, it’ll have beaten an average of 2.5 billion times!

But this powerhouse of a muscle needs a lot more than love to survive and thrive.

Each September 29th, World Heart Day reminds us that habitual risk factors like eating an unhealthy diet, smoking and lack of exercise can put our hearts at risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). And while it’s true that genetics and pre-existing conditions like hypertension can affect your heart health, a healthy diet and lifestyle are still the best weapons against CVD.

At, making healthy snacks convenient and accessible for people everywhere is our highest commitment. That’s why we put together this guide of heart healthy snacks for World Heart Day.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of heart health, what a heart healthy diet can look like, and, of course, the best available snacks for a healthy heart today!

Why Is Heart Health Important?

Heart health is important because your heart keeps your blood pumping every single day—and if your heart’s in bad health, you’re at risk of major consequences like stroke, disability and much more.

At the same time, it’s no surprise many of us forget about the importance of a heart healthy diet. Because you never see or directly interact with your heart, it’s often a case of “out of sight, out of mind.”

Have you ever found yourself facing a large mechanic’s bill for engine repairs? Until you’re face-to-face with the consequences, it’s easy to ignore necessary maintenance—even when it’s for the most important part of your vehicle.

But while expensive, you have the option of repairing your engine or simply replacing it.

Your heart, on the other hand, is a much more precious and limited resource!

Heart Disease: The Biggest Killer in the U.S.

Now you know how poor cardiovascular health can impact your life, both day-to-day and in the long-term. But there’s another, much bigger risk: heart disease, also called cardiovascular disease (CVD).

CVD is the number one killer of adults in the U.S. And it’s nothing new—this has been the case for decades. In 2021, 1 in every five U.S. deaths was caused by CVD.

The good news is, you can seriously reduce your risk of developing CVD with a few small adjustments, like learning more about the best diet for heart health and adjusting your eating habits as needed.

What Foods Are Good for Heart Health?

Some of the proven best foods for heart health include:

  • A variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Poultry and fish (without skin)
  • Nuts and legumes
  • Heart healthy oils like olive and avocado
  • Fresh herbs (especially when used to replace salt and/or fat)
  • Soy products (tofu)

And don’t forget that heart healthy eating habits are especially important when it comes to snacking, as we tend to overeat when on-the-go or under stress. That’s why the American Heart Association recommends eating an overall healthy diet with an emphasis on the foods listed above.

Wondering if you can build your entire diet around eating the best foods for heart health? You absolutely can.

In fact, the highly nutritious Mediterranean diet has been hailed for years as an effective, no-fuss diet for heart health.

Just be sure to always speak with your doctor before beginning a brand-new diet or exercise regime.
Because while it’s true that we all have hearts, we also have unique needs and lifestyles. Your doctor likely has specific advice and guidance on working heart healthy foods into your routine.

What To Eat for Heart Health (Especially While On-the-Go)

It’s no secret that we lead busy lives. This can make it challenging to eat healthy—whether you’re at work, running errands or juggling a bit of everything.

But did you know that vending machine snacks can be a healthy choice in many cases? It’s true! In terms of what to eat for heart health without sacrificing a huge chunk of your time, opt for:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Apple chips
  • Coconut chips
  • Dried fruit like raisins and apricots
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Almond butter
  • Dried chickpeas
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Oatmeal

You see, we’re well-versed in the best snacks for heart health because here at Healthy YOU Vending, that’s been our specialty for over two decades.

And we’ve been revolutionizing the health vending industry since 1999. In our owner-operator healthy vending machines, you’ll find tasty and healthy packaged snack foods, drinks and even meals.

More importantly, our expertise has taught us a lot about the best ways to offer heart healthy foods. We constantly strive to improve the technology in our vending machines so that you have an even better experience.

For example, imagine you’re thirsty after a long walk around town. You happen upon a row of vending machines—what luck! But after paying and collecting your drink, you realize it’s lukewarm. And the Best By date printed on the bottle was two weeks ago.

Then you think, “Hey, wait… this isn’t what I ordered!” Nothing is more frustrating than trying to make a healthy choice and being stymied by things outside of your control.

Now, picture buying a drink from a temperature-controlled vending machine.

After you pay, the machine’s liberates your beverage—the correct one, we might add—and delivers it to you. Ice cold, fresh, tasty and exactly what you were craving.

We’ve spent decades making sure our owner-operators can deliver this experience time and time again..

Healthy YOU Vending: Striving for Smarter Snacks

It’s always been our mission to make managing your cardiovascular health at work easy and simple. We do so by providing a wide range of heart healthy foods in our healthy vending machines nationwide.

And with more than 2,500 healthy vending snacks, drinks and meals to choose from, Healthy YOU Vending is working harder than ever to make healthy choices convenient and accessible to everyone.

So, on World Heart Day, and every day, know that making heart healthy snack choices a part of an overall healthier eating and lifestyle plan doesn’t have to be hard. Your heart does quite a bit of important work day in and day out, so it needs the right fuel to stay healthy!

Healthy YOU Vending has set the trend in the healthy vending industry since 1999. Learn more about why Healthy YOU Vending machine snacks can be better-for-you choices, and how to get a healthy vending machine placed at your location—with zero cost and zero commitment.

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