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Healthy Vending Technology September 23, 2017
10 Reasons To Add SmartMart To Your HealthyYOU Vending Machine

10 Reasons To Add SmartMart To Your HealthyYOU Vending Machine

Welcome to SmartMart, HealthyYOU Vending’s optional entrée/side dish vendor attachment. As the only healthy vending company to offer an optional, modular attachment, we’ve incorporated the same superior technologies into this modular add-on that you’ll find in our healthy vending machines. SmartMart provides increased earning potential, customer convenience and flexibility. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons to add it to your business:

1. Made in the U.S.A.

Just like the rest of the HealthyYOU Vending machine, SmartMart is made in the U.S.A. at the state-of-the-art Seaga Manufacturing facility in Freeport, Illinois. This ensures your business dollars are kept in the U.S., compliance with all federal ADA laws, and easier availability of parts.

2. Increased Earning Capacity

Incredibly versatile, this modular add-on offers the addition of up to 16 different entrée and side dish selections, for a total of 80 additional products. By adding SmartMart to your healthy vending machine, operators have increased earning capacity while providing convenient customer options.

3. Convenience and Flexibility

Finally, a way to offer hungry employees a variety of delicious and nutritious meals – without having to leave the office. Fill your modular side unit with microwavable entrées and side dishes so employees on deadlines or working overtime don’t feel chained to their desks or have to give up precious work time to leave the office in search of a hot, healthy meal.

4. No Separate Payment System

Cash, coin, credit card and smartphone payments for entrée and side dish items are processed via your HealthyYOU Vending system control panel. That means less work for you, and the same superior technology assurance.

5. Compact to Fit More Locations

SmartMart adds just 16 inches to the width of your HealthyYOU Vending machine. That means taking up less space than a traditional, bulkier machine – and more placement options for your locations.

6. Fast, Easy Loading Slide-Out Shelves

Shelves slide out for quick loading of healthy snacks, reducing service time.

7. LED Illuminated Product Windows

Enhances sales by displaying the healthy products in their best light – literally!

8. State-of-the-Art Striking Design

HealthyYOU Vending machines are engineered to attract more people. This is especially important in high-traffic locations where placement of traditional machines may be competing for vending dollars.

9. Industrial-grade Engineering

Just like the main component of your HealthyYOU Vending machine, the optional side dish/entrée modular unit is built to be long lasting and reliable. High security, tamper-resistant industrial locking system with anti-theft design adds a level of security.

10. Energy Efficient

HealthyYOU Vending uses a smaller, more energy-efficient cooling system, resulting in a more environmentally friendly machine.

As the demand for healthy snacks and drinks continues to grow, so do the requests for healthy meals and convenience. HealthyYOU Vending’s SmartMart optional side dish/entrée vendor provides the solution – and it’s win-win all around! Learn more about the HealthyYOU Vending difference.

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