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Do You Have What it Takes to Be Your Own Boss?

Do You Have What it Takes to Be Your Own Boss?

Do you have what it takes to be your own boss? If you’re highly motivated, flexible, and have a passion for your product, being your own boss may be right for you.

Being flexible is about more than setting your own schedule—it’s also about being able to roll with the punches. As a business owner, you never know what each day is going to bring, and you need to be mentally equipped for entrepreneurship’s ups and downs. If you can easily adapt to getting the job done—regardless of what the day may throw your way—you may have what it takes to be your own boss.

Strong Work Ethic
Whether it’s hitting the road to stock your healthy vending machines at 6 a.m., researching customer preference, or going above and beyond to establish relationships with your location managers, a strong work ethic can drive the success of your HealthyYOU Vending business. This can sometimes mean moving mountains to manage your responsibilities and grow your business. That said, the beauty of being your own boss is that you know exactly what your business goals are and what you need to do to stay motivated to achieve those goals.

Passion with a Purpose
HealthyYOU Vending gives business owners a rare opportunity to align their passions with a purpose AND a career. Good health IS good business. notes that there are three common approaches to entrepreneurship: do what you know, do what others do, and solve a common problem. A healthy vending business allows you to do all three at once, while answering these questions with passion and purpose:

  • What am I building?
  • Who will I serve?
  • What promise am I making to my customers and myself?

Being your own healthy vending boss brings an opportunity to serve others, while building a future based on sound business practices and ideals that resonate with your soul.

Be A Decision Maker
Arguably the best thing about being your own boss? Being the decision maker. This puts YOU in charge of your business and of your future. Sometimes decision making is about data, sometimes it’s about intuition. If you thrive on making decisions and trusting in those decisions, you’re on your way to being your own boss.

Reap the Rewards
When you work for someone else, you may or may not be recognized for your accomplishments. Maybe you’ll get a pat on the back, maybe you’ll get a bonus, maybe your boss won’t ever acknowledge your success. When you are your own boss, on the other hand, there’s a great sense of personal satisfaction as your entire business reaps the benefits of your achievements. You may see your work-life balance level out, watch your business expand, or benefit from an increase in income—either way, YOU decide what’s important to you in a personal and professional capacity, and make it happen.