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Are Vending Machines a Good Investment?

Are Vending Machines a Good Investment?

So, you’re wondering if starting a vending machine business is a profitable investment. Maybe you’re ready to be your own boss—or just want a side hustle for some passive income. Well, owning a vending machine business is a good choice to meet whatever entrepreneurial ambitions you have.

But, before we explain why vending is such an amazing business opportunity, we should, well, explain that it is a business. And as blatantly obvious as this sounds, it’s important to highlight. At times, operating a vending machine business can be downright hard work. After all, someone has to secure profitable locations and stock the machine with marketable products. And all this requires some business savvy.

With that, it’s time to explain why owning a vending machine business is such a great opportunity.


We know . . . this is what you came for. The truth is that nobody, however well-intentioned, can give you an accurate profile of a single vending machine’s profit margin. Earnings can vary, sometimes greatly, between locations and machines. Here’s what we will say for sure: The annual amount put into vending machines in the U.S. alone tops $7 billion. And healthier snack and drink options are increasingly outpacing the traditional vending machine fare.

As with any business, output tends to be tied to input. In other words, diligent efforts and smart, objective decisions tend to produce better results. That, along with careful recordkeeping, sound business practices and attentive customer service improve the chances of success.


Who wants to start a business just to end up being constantly tied down? We’re guessing the answer to that is . . . nobody. Owning a vending machine business offers incredible flexibility. Yes, the machines still need to be stocked and maintained. But, unlike many other businesses or side hustles, you can fit these tasks into your schedule—rather than the other way around. Stock and maintain your machines in the mornings, evenings, weekends . . . whatever works with your schedule. Some coordination with the building or business owners is all that’s needed. Just be sure your vending machines are kept stocked, clean and operational.

Of course, the other option for stocking and maintaining machines is to hire employees. Or, for smaller operations, get the family involved. After all, a vending machine business could be just the right business venture to teach kids about entrepreneurialism.

Ease of Entry

While it does require some hard work and business savvy, starting a vending machine business doesn’t require any particularly special knowledge or abilities. However, like all new ventures, there can be a learning curve. But with Healthy YOU Vending as your business partner, you have access to lifetime coaching. This means any time you’re in need of help with your vending business, just give our seasoned coaches a call or email. Our coaches have hands-on experience and a firm understanding of the healthy vending industry.

The Healthy YOU Vending Machine Difference

Who carries cash these days? Sure, some still do, but if you want to be competitive and relevant in the vending industry, you need machines with the latest technology. Healthy YOU Vending machines come standard with smartphone and credit card payment technologies. But the technology doesn’t stop at the payment method. Our made in the U.S.A. machines also come standard with SmartWarePro™. This allows you to change product pricing, offer discounted vends for specific hours or weekends, control the refrigeration system, lighting, internal clock, calorie information, custom display messages, troubleshooting and much more—all from home.

So, are vending machines a good investment? Absolutely. With the right support and technology, it is a surefire side hustle or business opportunity. Ready to start your vending machine business? Contact Healthy YOU Vending today to get started.