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How To Buy and Start a Healthy Vending Machine Franchise

So, you want to buy a healthy vending machine franchise… but, you’re not sure what steps to take to get started. Luckily, Healthy YOU Vending has the expertise you need to get your new business up and running. Here are a few starter tips for someone just entering the healthy vending industry.

How To Buy a Healthy Vending Machine

When you invest in most franchises, you may be surprised by the fees you’ll incur in addition to your upfront costs. With Healthy YOU Vending, you run the show. Unlike traditional franchises, you make a one-time investment to pay for your healthy vending machines. We don’t collect royalties or other ongoing fees. And we don’t charge extra for HealthyYOUniversity, our intensive, two-day business startup training—or for the lifetime support you’ll continue to get even after your business is off to a healthy start.

How To Start a Healthy Vending Business

Healthy YOU Vending offers the flexibility to start your business on your terms. Full-time, part-time, it’s up to you—after all, it’s YOUR business. Unlike traditional franchises, you aren’t required to dedicate all of your time to building your business through Healthy YOU Vending. And let’s be honest, with the economic uncertainties we all face from time to time, many people simply aren’t in a place where they can give up their day job to work full-time building someone else’s business—which is what you’re doing when you purchase a traditional franchise.

As you start your journey with Healthy YOU Vending, there are two main aspects of growing your business that we can help with. Both training and location are vital to the success of your healthy vending franchise, so our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with location procurement plus ongoing support and training.


Healthy YOU Vending values the goals of entrepreneurs, regardless of how long you’ve been in business. Have questions about growing your business, stocking your machines or procuring the best locations? Our lifetime coaches are happy to provide you with their expertise. Start your business strong by attending HealthyYOUniversity at our headquarters in Utah. This two-day training will help you get your business up and running and provide you with vital information to strengthen your business right from the start.


Choosing a location is a strategic part of growing a successful healthy vending business. It can be tough to decide on the right locations to get started. Luckily, we can help. Healthy YOU Vending’s location procurement experts can help you find the best places to set up healthy vending machines in your area. These locations may include businesses, schools, hotels, military bases, medical facilities and so many others.

Starting a healthy vending business isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem, especially with the team at Healthy YOU Vending. We are dedicated to helping you and your business grow. Click here to learn more about how to start your own healthy vending business and get the support that you need.

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