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How Do I Improve My Vending Machine?

How Do I Improve My Vending Machine?

For any vending machine owner or operator, a few simple but critical steps are required to improve your vending machines. Here’s a few things that might seem overly simple but will make a world of difference in your vending machine performance.

  • Like most anything else, give the people what they want. Be sure that your vending machine is stocked with popular, desirable items.
  • Keep your machines fully stocked at all times—a partially empty vending machine is sure to lose customers, fast.
  • Place your machines in high-performing locations with plenty of accessibility to potential customers.
  • May seem like a no-brainer but keep your locations happy—find ways to go the extra mile.
  • A dirty, ill-kept vending machine is certain to ward of potential customers. Be sure to keep your machines well serviced and in top condition.

So, those are some basics to improve any vending machine. But for our lucky Healthy You Vending operators, there’s even more opportunities to consider.

Owning and operating a successful healthy vending machine business begins with the best machines. We’ve already made sure you have a top-quality, industry-leading, NAMA-certified machine with a lifetime warranty, plus access to thousands of best-selling products. Now it’s up to you to select the best products and locations for your machines, and customize your offerings to get the best ROI for your healthy vending business. As always, we’re here to help with tips for improving your vending machine.

Healthy Snacks

Choose the Right Products

Choosing the best products for your Healthy YOU Vending machines is all about knowing your customers and experimenting to maximize income. For example, have a location at a school or rec center? Provide kid-friendly, healthy snacks. Gym location? Try pre- and post-exercise snacks to fuel your customers’ workouts and aid recovery.

National best sellers typically do well, but it never hurts to test new products your customers may want. Some Healthy YOU Vending operators have relied on feedback from tasting sessions or striking up conversations with customers. Others have noted seasonal trends, such as increased beverage sales during warmer months. Providing a good mix of flavors and options, such as vegan, gluten-free or organic options, can also help increase sales.

Customize Your Offerings

Once laden with sugary junk, your vending machine is now stocked with healthier options. But it doesn’t have to stop at snacks. Optional side vendor and wellness units allow for the expansion of product offerings such as gym gear, wellness products, hygiene essentials and more. Think outside the box to items consumers often find themselves seeking when they’re traveling or on-the-go around town. One Healthy YOU Vending operator even stocked a side vendor with ballet shoes at a dance studio. The success of your healthy vending machine relies greatly on finding a product mix that meets the needs of each location.

HealthyYou Vending SmartMart

Optional SmartMart Side Vendor

Add a whole new dimension to your Healthy YOU machine with the optional SmartMart Side Vendor. This vending machine add-on option increases total capacity by 80 products. SmartMart fill options include:

  • Entrees and side dishes for real meals within minutes
  • Additional snack options such as larger sizes that won’t fit in traditional vending machine slots
  • Pre- and post-workout products and other gym necessities like headphones and weightlifting gloves
  • Phone chargers, razors, toothbrushes and other sundries hotel guests often forget while traveling

Wellness Center Side Vendor

Take healthy vending to a whole new level by adding the equivalent of a mini convenience store to your Healthy YOU Vending machine. Items such as over-the-counter medications, hand sanitizer, vitamins and supplements, Band-Aids, essential oils, sunscreen and more offer unparalleled convenience.

Ensure Profitable Locations

Another key to healthy vending success is having profitable locations with a good amount of daily traffic. There are many great options that have a constant stream of employees and customers flowing through daily. Think car dealerships, medical facilities, hotels, gyms and more. One of the best things about owning your own Healthy YOU Vending business is that you aren’t tied to one location like a franchise. You’re always free to move your machines to benefit your business.

HealthyYou Vending Wellness Center

Regularly Service Your Machines

The key to the success of any vending machine business is making sure your machines are stocked, clean and fully operational. Keeping your machines looking and functioning well invites more sales—and that means more profit to your bottom line.

Still have questions about how to improve your vending machines? Reach out to one of our Lifetime Coaches. We’re always happy to help you succeed!

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