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Optional SmartMart Side Vendor

Adds a whole new dimension to your HealthyYOU machine

Using the payment system on your machine gives your customers additional opportunities to make a purchase with you – or to add to their purchase.

There are four typical SmartMart fill options

  • Entrees & Side Dishes Tired of “burger burnout,” pressed-for-time workers can now dine at their desk with a real meal in just minutes!
  • For the Gym Vend headphones, jump ropes, weightlifting gloves, pre-and post-workout products and more.
  • For the Hotel Carry phone chargers, razors, shaving cream and other personal items people forget when they travel.
  • Max the Snacks Add additional snack options including larger sizes that won’t fit in a traditional vending machine.

But Typical is Just the Beginning

Our operators have used the SmartMart to vend many different types of products. Some operators turn the SmartMart into a vitamin and supplement shop. One operator filled their SmartMart at a dance studio with ballet shoes of various sizes for children who forget their shoes. This is your business and you can decide what revenue enhancing products you want to add.

You may not use a SmartMart in every location but you definitely want the option of adding one.

Entree / Side Dish



More Snacks

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