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Maximizing Healthy Vending Income with the SmartMart Side Vendor

Maximizing Healthy Vending Income with the SmartMart Side Vendor

Each day, more and more businesses are adding healthy vending machines to their locations as a way to offer healthy snacks, drinks and meals to customers. As savvy HealthyYOU Vending operators know, vending machines are also a great way to provide customers with other necessities by adding the optional SmartMart side vendor.

Entrees, Side Dishes and Extra Snacks

The most obvious use for the SmartMart optional side vendor is to fill it with healthy meals hungry customers can make in minutes. Other operators choose to max the snacks by adding larger size packages that don’t fit in the main HealthyYOU Vending machine.

Think Outside the Box

Other HealthyYOU Vending operators have gotten even more creative, using SmartMart to vend a variety of different products pertinent to specific locations.

HealthyYOU Vending operators Hudson and Betsy Gray have found some unique uses for their side vendor. Their YMCA SmartMart unit stocks a variety of things that are popular among forgetful gym-goers, such as locks, swim goggles, cell phone chargers, hair ties, lip balm, and even racquet balls. Another operator turned their SmartMart into a vitamin and supplement shop.

Be creative! Think about your locations and what your customers might need in addition to healthy snacks. For example:

  • Ballet slippers and tights in a variety of sizes at a dance studio
  • Woodwind reeds, violin strings and bow wax at a music school
  • Earbuds, towels, weightlifting gloves, protein powder and energy supplements at a gym
  • Swim goggles, caps, nose and ear plugs at the aquatic center
  • Cell phone chargers, razors, toothbrushes and other toiletries in hotel vending machines

HealthyYOU Vending machines can showcase a wide selection of meals, snacks and other products that fit in with a healthy lifestyle. Best of all, selections can be customized to each location. Add a whole new dimension to your HealthyYOU Vending machine by adding the SmartMart Side Vendor.

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