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Connect With A HealthyYOU Vending Location Specialist

Connect With A HealthyYOU Vending Location Specialist

Healthy snacks are a better choice for everyone, and they’re good for business, too. Healthier eating can lead to better overall health – which in turn leads to happier people and more productive employees. How? Improved nutrition can increase energy and focus, improve mood and cognitive function, and even save time and money on healthcare costs. Your healthy vending location specialist can tell you more.

What’s inside a healthy vending machine?

HealthyYOU Vending machines provide healthy snacks and drinks, and the optional SmartMart Side Vendor provides an additional space for healthy meals. With over 2,500 healthy vending choices, there’s sure to be something everyone at your location will love.

I don’t have time to stock a vending machine.

You don’t have to! Our local healthy vending operators are expertly trained in managing the machines and, thanks to remote monitoring, will even know in advance if a product is running low. They’ll also work with you to provide healthy snacks, drinks and meals that appeal to your employees and customers. Just ask!

Are the machines ADA-compliant?

You bet! All HealthyYOU Vending machines are made in the united States and meet the 2012 vending standards of the American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA). We wouldn’t have it any other way!

How do I get one at my workplace?

Healthy vending Location Specialist Jill Navidomskis connects local healthy vending operators with businesses, schools and organizations that know their employees, customers and students deserve healthy vending options. HealthyYOU Vending machines are placed at no cost, and in some cases the company or organization may even qualify to receive commission on products sold.

A word from Jill

“I love helping our local operators support their community with healthy vending options. There’s a growing healthy eating revolution occurring as workers desire to live a healthier lifestyle and more companies add corporate wellness programs. Companies and organizations are being nudged or even required to add healthy vending but most are simply looking out for their most important asset – their people.”

HealthyYOU Vending is the right choice for companies and their employees and customers. Learn more about getting healthy vending at your location.

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