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Top Locations for Vending Machines: How We Find the Best

Top Locations for Vending Machines: How We Find the Best

Your Healthy YOU Vending machine locations can have a big impact on the success of your business. That’s why it’s important to have your healthy vending machines placed in profitable locations. Over the past couple of years, have had to reevaluate some locations to accommodate conditions. While some previously successful vending machine locations have seen a drop in foot traffic since 2020, others have thrived. In fact, Healthy YOU Vending grew faster than traditional franchises last year, thanks in part to the flexibility of location placement.

Location Assistance

Thanks to many years of research and industry experience, Healthy YOU Vending’s placement experts understand what goes into a successful healthy vending machine location—and they are able to shift directions to find relevant locations. High foot traffic is important, but it’s also important to put your healthy vending machine in the path of the right people. For example, when gyms were shuttered, it didn’t make sense to place a healthy vending machine there. From corporations and hotels to hospitals, military bases, schools and more, our team can help identify top vending machine placement in your geographic area.

Top Locations for 2022

Airports—Travel is back on the rise, but that doesn’t mean it always goes smoothly. Having healthy vending machines at these locations offer a more economical and healthy option to pricey airport food.

Apartment Complexes—With so many people still working from home, even apartment complexes have begun putting healthy vending machines in spaces such as lobbies and shared areas.

Assisted Living Facilities—Many care facilities require employees to stay on-site for entire shifts. Placing a healthy vending machine offers snack and meal options that can fuel care workers for long days and nights.

Auto Repair Shops
With cars in big demand but short supply, more and more people are opting to get their cars fixed. Mechanics often work through lunch to finish up complex repairs, so it’s helpful to have quick access to nutritional meals. Customers often wait for the repairs, so healthy vending keeps them nourished (and satisfied), too.

It’s unfortunate, but hospitals are often at max capacity these days. That means nurses, doctors and other medical staff who spend long hours working. Healthy vending complements the health initiatives found in hospitals, as well as providing convenience to employees, patients and waiting family members.

Factories—After long shutdowns, manufacturing employees are now working around the clock to catch up with production. That means relying on quick access to healthy vending machine meals and snacks.

Moving Your Healthy Vending Machines

The Healthy YOU Vending business model allows operators to be in control of their business, and that means having a say in locations. If conditions shift, for any reason, Healthy YOU Vending operators may have their machine moved to a new location that better suits their business goals. As an added bonus, most of the locations—about 90%—don’t require any commission, which improves your profit potential.

Location Within a Location

Another thing we keep in mind when assisting with vending machine placement is where your healthy vending machine will be placed on-site. We encourage you to negotiate placement in high traffic areas such as lobbies and waiting rooms, rather than stuck in a hidden bank of junk food vending machines.

The demand for healthy vending options to supplement or replace traditional junk food vending machines continues to rise. Employees and customers appreciate the convenience of access to healthy snack and meal options—and Healthy YOU Vending operators benefit from our location assistance. Learn how to get help with vending machine placement for your Healthy YOU Vending machines.

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