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HealthyYOU Vending Supports Better Nutrition in Schools

HealthyYOU Vending Supports Better Nutrition in Schools

With the passage of The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 and the implementation of the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards in 2014, America has made critical steps on the road to delivering healthier food choices to our nation’s school children. Many children consume half of their daily meals at school. That means what children eat at school can have a big impact on their overall health. HealthyYOU Vending proudly support better school nutrition and healthy food initiatives for kids by providing healthier vending machines in schools options that meet competitive food rules.

What exactly are “competitive foods”? Think traditional junk food: burgers, pizza, soda, chips, candy bars. Smart Snacks in School rules banned the sale of junk food in school vending machines—and that’s where we come in. HealthyYOU Vending is poised to provide schools with satisfying, yet healthy options for students.

“Give us a couple of years and you will see the effects across the country of not just school meals, but of all food sold in schools,” said Kevin Concannon, undersecretary for food, nutrition and consumer services for the USDA, which regulates school breakfasts and lunches. “I know it can make a difference.”

In the past, competitive foods have undermined the goals of school meal programs, which is to provide kids with complete, healthy meals. Improved nutrition standards require most snacks sold in school vending machines to have less than 200 calories, and limit beverage offerings to water, low-fat milk, 100% fruit or vegetable juices, and low-calorie sports drinks.

HealthyYOU Vending has more than 1,100 healthy snack and beverage options. Each machine holds 21 snack selections and 8 drink selections so there are plenty of healthy vending snacks that appeal to kids.

Good nutrition at schools is more important than ever. It can lead to improved focus, more energy, and better health, while teaching kids a lesson to last a lifetime: healthy eating can taste good!

HealthyYOU Vending is proud to support healthy food initiatives for kids, while offering health-conscious entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their own business. Learn more about the HealthyYOU Vending opportunity.