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How To Get a Vending Machine in Your Office

How To Get a Vending Machine in Your Office

Making healthier food choices has been shown to enhance workplace productivity, increase concentration and other positive health benefits. As employers are realizing a strong correlation between a healthy work environment and happier, healthier, more productive employees, it just makes good sense to encourage healthy habits. After all, healthy vending machines in the workplace benefit employee health and your bottom line.

Healthier options at work

Workplace vending machines are a simple way to provide both employees and customers with healthier options that support personal health objectives and satiate hunger. With over 2,500 healthy vending product options to choose from, Healthy YOU Vending operators are dedicated to providing the exact mix that employees and customers are craving, customized to each location.

Since Healthy YOU Vending machines are locally owned and managed by highly trained operators, they have a vested interest in your employees’ satisfaction. Available options include low-calorie, vegan, gluten-free and organic options, so snacks, drinks and meals can be custom selected for your location.

No cost, no commitment

It’s easy to request a healthy vending machine at work. As the nation’s leading healthy vending company, Healthy YOU Vending makes it easy for companies to get healthy vending at work and promote healthier eating by providing access to healthy snacks and drinks in the workplace. Best of all, there’s no cost and no commitment required on your company’s behalf.

Healthy snacking trends

Food Dive recently reported that 37 percent of people surveyed were seeking out low-sugar or low-sodium snack options. Another 37 percent were choosing nutritious snacks more frequently, including snacks made with whole grains or other whole food ingredients.

Notably, generational shifts in the workplace are reflected in the desire for healthier choices and the trend toward more frequent snacking. While baby boomers traditionally opted for three meals a day, Gen X trends toward snacking as part of a healthy lifestyle. As the largest workplace demographic, millennials snack to cope with stress and to maintain focus and alertness throughout the day.

These two generations currently dominate today’s workforce. When you bring healthy vending to your office and replace junk food with healthier options, it shows your employees that you’re listening and meeting their needs.

Snacks to attract and retain customers

Healthy snack options don’t just satisfy employees. They’re also a great tool for attracting and retaining customers. Having access to healthy snack options at your business is a convenient, affordable option for consumers. It not only cures cravings, but also keeps them at your location longer, which can ultimately encourage more business. With the optional SmartMart side vendor, employees and customers have access to a variety of entrées, soups, chili, pasta dishes, hot or cold cereals and more. Healthy YOU Vending machines can even go beyond healthy snacks and meals, to stock other items you may have a need for at your location such as first aid, earbuds, hand sanitizer and face masks.

High quality vending machines

All HealthyYOU Vending machines are made in the United States and are ADA-compliant. Cashless vending technology is capable of accepting Google/Mobile Wallet, Apple Pay and PayPal Mobile, as well as credit and debit cards. The machines can even be programmed to provide discounts and meal deals to provide additional cost savings to employees and customers.

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