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Bring HealthyYOU Vending To Your Location At No Cost

Bring HealthyYOU Vending To Your Location At No Cost

As a business owner, general manager or human resources director, you know that healthy employees can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. You’re likely also aware of the research showing that healthy employees are more productive and take less time off work for health concerns. If you’ve been wondering how to get a vending machine for free, Healthy YOU Vending helps promote workplace wellness by providing companies and their employees with healthy snacks and drinks in the workplace.

It’s easier than you think to get Healthy YOU Vending at work—simply get in touch with us to get the ball rolling. We’ll find a Healthy YOU Vending operator in your area to place a machine at your company. (If you’re an employee who’d like to see healthy vending onsite at your workplace, keep reading for tips on how to convince your employer.)

How Much Does It Cost To Place a Vending Machine?

The cost to place a vending machine at your company can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of vending machine, its features and the location where it will be placed. However, when you choose to get Healthy YOU Vending at work, you’ll have a local operator place one at your site at no cost to you. Consumers simply pay for the price of each vend, while Healthy YOU operators do all the work, from placement to stocking to servicing the machines.

Now that you know how to get a free vending machine, here’s what you can expect from Healthy YOU Vending at work:

Bring HYV to You

Employee Productivity and Wellness

Food has a direct impact on cognitive performance, so making healthful food choices during the workday can show up in ways that benefit everyone, from reduced absenteeism to improved productivity. Think of healthy vending as a step in the health of your business, too!

Convenient and User-friendly

  • Free vending machine placement. Healthy YOU Vending can be placed at no cost at your workplace, whether that’s a business, school, airport, hotel, hospital, college or any other location you decide.
  • State-of-the-art vending machines. The Healthy YOU machines that will be placed at your location are high-tech and user-friendly. They feature debit/credit card readers and remote monitoring so the operator knows if a product selection is running low.
  • SmartMart Side Vendor. An optional entrée/side dish vendor can be added to your workplace healthy vending machine. This provides employees with the option to eat a healthy lunch on-site; enjoy a hot, ready-to-eat meal when working overtime or late shifts; or simply grab something healthier than a candy bar and soda to power through an afternoon slump.
  • Wellness Center. Healthy vending isn’t just about healthy snacks. Your workplace vending machines can provide OTC headache relief, hand sanitizers, supplements, energy drink mixes, gloves, earbuds or headphones to block out background noise—whatever it takes to keep employees happy and healthy at your location.
  • Custom programming. Easily provide employee discounts or meal deals.
  • ADA-compliant. Healthy YOU Vending machines are made in America and meet the 2012 vending machine standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Energy-saving mode. Never waste power keeping beverages cold at night when your business is closed.
  • Remote monitoring. You’ll never need to fill, maintain or service your healthy vending machine. Remote monitoring lets your local vending operator know when they need to stock, monitor, refill or service your workplace healthy vending machines. You’ll never need to lift a finger!

Locally Owned and Operated

WorkHealthy YOU Vending machines are locally owned and operated. You’ll not only get to meet your vendor in person, but you can make healthy snack, drink and meal requests based on employee preference. Our local operators are expertly trained and have a vested interest in your employee satisfaction. With more than 2,500 healthy vending products to choose from, they can easily adapt machine stock to your specific location.

Location Placement Experts

Healthy YOU Vending Vice President and former Location Procurement Director Jill Navidomkis has been working with local operators since 1999. She knows healthy vending, and can help you get a machine placed at your location at no cost.

“I love helping our local operators support their community with healthy vending options,” says Jill. “There’s a growing healthy eating revolution occurring as workers desire to live a healthier lifestyle and more companies add corporate wellness programs in an effort to look out for their most important assets—their people.”

At Healthy YOU Vending, we embrace the opportunity to connect with people and businesses across the country that are interested in making better health choices and expanding those options to employees and customers. Take a look at some of the types of locations where you can find vending machines with healthy snacks.

How Employees Can Request Healthy You Vending at Work

If you’re an employee interested in getting healthy vending at work, here are a few steps you can take to make it happen.

  • Get support from like-minded coworkers. Find others in the workplace who are also interested in having a healthy vending option and approach your employer together.
  • Speak with the decision-maker. This could be your supervisor, HR director or small business owner. Explain the benefits of having healthy vending options at work, such as improved employee wellness and productivity.
  • Suggest a trial period. Some employers need a little extra convincing, even when there’s no cost to bring Healthy YOU Vending to work. Propose a 60-day trial period to see the benefits of having healthy, natural and low-calorie snack options to help propel workers through busy workdays and graveyard shifts.

Your employees, customers or students deserve healthy vending options. Don’t rule out bringing healthy vending to your workplace or location just because there’s already a traditional vending machine on site—junk food simply doesn’t appeal to everyone. Vending machines with healthy snacks don’t cost more than traditional vending machines so why not make the switch to a free healthy vending machine?

Healthy YOU Vending helps promote a healthier workplace for your employees by providing healthy snacks, drinks and meals on-site. To find out more about bringing Healthy YOU Vending to your location—at no cost and no commitment—contact Healthy YOU Vending today.

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