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Top Tips For Schools During Every Kid Healthy Week

Top Tips For Schools During Every Kid Healthy Week

Every Kid Healthy is an annual celebration of school health and wellness, and schools across the country are getting ready to celebrate by creating healthier learning environments for kids. Observed April 23-27 this year, Every Kid Healthy Week recognizes the link between nutrition, physical activity and learning.

Good nutrition at school is more important than ever, leading to improved focus and sustained energy, both of which kids need to stay focused. With a renewed focus on healthy choices and lifestyle, we can help U.S. schools provide healthier foods, quality health, physical education and comprehensive physical activity.

Healthy Appetite For Learning

Healthy kids are better prepared to learn. When you think about the fact that most kids consume half of their daily meals during the school day, it’s easy to realize that what kids eat at school has an impact on healthy and academic performance. Teachers say that kids have a harder time learning when they’re hungry or feeling sluggish from junk food and sugar crashes. Healthy meals are as important to learning as school supplies.

Healthier Options in Schools

While many schools lack the funding and support necessary to implement healthy changes, there are guidelines in place to help schools meet federal nutrition standards for kids. The Smart Snacks in School initiative encourages schools to provide more nutritious choices and fewer unhealthy ones. Partnering with like-minded companies, such as HealthyYOU Vending, provides additional healthy snack, drink and meal options in schools.


In 2005, FitPick® was introduced as The National Automatic Merchandising Association’s (NAMA) signature initiative to help identify healthier options available in vending machines. There are currently 665 delicious and healthier foods and beverages that meet FitPick and FitPick SELECT standards. As participating members of NAMA, HealthyYOU Vending machines offer many FitPick and FitPick SELECT options among their vending products.

Every Kid Healthy At Your School

Good health means good nutrition, education and physical movement. Here are some tips for schools during Every Kid Healthy Week:

  • Host field day games and activities
  • Get students involved in planting a school garden
  • Ask parents to join students and teachers for a walk-a-thon
  • Invite local experts to teach healthy eating and lifestyle habits for students to practice at school and at home
  • Have students share their idea of a healthy snack

We all want what’s best for our kids. What is your school doing to celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week? You can start with placing a free HealthyYOU Vending machine at your school! Learn more:

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