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HealthyYOU Vending 14-Point Guarantee – Don’t Settle For Less

HealthyYOU Vending 14-Point Guarantee – Don’t Settle For Less

The average vending machine warranty is one year. Those same companies brag about their high-quality machines, yet won’t back them up long-term. At HealthyYOU Vending, we back our USA-made healthy vending machines with a lifetime warranty. We also provide lifetime fire, theft and vandalism coverage. No other vending company comes close to giving you the same level of protection.

The warranty is just part of our exclusive 14-point guarantee and operator support system. As an authorized HealthyYOU Vending operator, you receive:

1. Healthy YOUniversity™

Two jam-packed days at our corporate headquarters, where you’ll learn everything you need to know to launch your healthy vending business, plus gain practical, hands-on experience with your brand new vending machines.

2. Location Procurement

Don’t settle for second-rate, low-traffic locations. We’ll help authorized HealthyYOU Vending operators identify qualified placement opportunities through our Prime Healthy Locations™ team – at no additional cost.

3. Lifetime Personal Coaching

Questions about starting or growing your HealthyYOU Vending business. Just ask our experienced, in-house coaching staff!

4. Custom Website

Establish your business presence online and drive traffic to your beautifully designed, custom website.

5. eManage™ Vending Management Software

Featuring full inventory tracking and reporting capabilities, eManage is designed specifically for HealthyYOU Vending operators to monitor and manage machines.

6. Online Support Center

Get 24/7 access to everything from tracking your equipment to product resources, business forms, and access to the online HealthyYOU Vending machine manual.

7. Hands-on Technical Support

Whether it’s tech support for a vending machine, software or your custom website, our dedicated experts are ready to assist with any technical questions you may have.

8. HealthyYOU Vending Machine Videos

A must for first-time vendors, our instructional videos walk you through step-by-step how to use and manage your HealthyYOU Vending machine.

9. Comprehensive Training Manual

Always at your fingertips, your operator manual includes everything you need to know about:

  • The HealthyYOU Vending machine
  • How to start, run and grow your business
  • How to find great locations
  • Inventory tracking and more

10. Business Cards

Put your best image forward with professional business cards.

11. Lifetime Warranty

Every part of the every HealthyYOU Vending machine is covered under our written Lifetime Limited Warranty. See your purchase agreement for details.

12. Lifetime Vandalism/Fire/Theft Protection

Vandalism, theft or fire is unlikely, but in the rare event this does occur, send us your police report and we will replace (with a 50% deductible) the missing/damaged part.

13. Lifetime Pricing Guarantee

HealthyYOU Vending will permanently honor the price you initially paid, according to your contract.

14. Shipping Assurance Guarantee

In the unlikely event of shipping damage, we’ll help you resolve the matter quickly and without delay, so you can quickly launch your new HealthyYOU Vending business.

We stand behind our healthy vending machines and want you to succeed in business. Learn more about HealthyYOU Vending’s 14-point guarantee and franchise-level support.

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