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Powerful User-friendly Technology

Opening the Door to Business Success and Prosperity

What do we mean when we say Healthy YOU Vending is technology-based, not people-based? We’re talking about a business not reliant on employees. Ours is an opportunity that provides the tools needed to answer the call of tech-savvy consumers. And it’s a business that offers the easy-to-use, entrepreneur-empowering technology necessary to make informed, deliberate decisions. Simply put, Healthy YOU Vending machines provide peace of mind and opens the door to business success and prosperity.

eManage™ Vending Management Software

Take the worry out of choosing a product mix for your machines. Healthy YOU Vending’s proprietary eManage™ Vending Management Software delivers powerful information to wherever you choose to run your business. Manage daily gross sales and see which of your customers paid in cash, coins, credit or debit cards. (Is now a good time to mention our machines come with the latest touchless payment technologies?)

View your user-friendly dashboard to learn how much of each product was sold in every one of your machines. And create reports on important aspects of your business, such as expenses, return on investment (ROI), sales tax and more.

Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM)

Our Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM) lets you take the guesswork out of restocking your machines. Receive a report each morning, if you choose, that breaks down everything you need to know about each machine’s performance the previous day. The benefit is improved efficiency, reduced costs and revenue optimization.


Who wants to fuss with confusing vending machine settings? Healthy YOU Vending’s user-friendly SmartWarePro360™ technology allows you to change product pricing, offer discounted vends for specific hours, control important machine settings and much more—all from wherever you choose to run your business. Then, simply download the settings directly into your machines when you service your route.

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