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Now is the Time to Start Your Healthy YOU Vending Business

Now is the Time to Start Your Healthy YOU Vending Business

So, you’ve decided it’s time to start your own business. And you’re researching your options.

Starting a company from the ground up is complicated, risky and expensive. Buying a franchise leaves your hands tied—with individual business decisions bound by the franchisor’s rules and regulations. And purchasing an existing business can leave you buried in loans or forced to give up hard-earned equity to investors.

Luckily, a unique opportunity lies at the intersection of these options. It offers both the support of a franchise (without the franchisor fees and regulations) and the freedom of owning your own business (free of the risks and significant startup capital). This opportunity is owning and operating healthy vending machines through Healthy YOU Vending.

Why the Healthy Vending Industry?

We find ourselves in the middle of a wellness revolution. Now more than ever, people are tired of food and beverage choices that are laden with sugar, unhealthy fats and preservatives. Amid an overwhelming obesity epidemic, a shift is taking hold across the globe. Healthy vending is now desired in businesses, gyms, hospitals, schools and many other organizations. The demand is there—why not be part of meeting that demand?

Why Healthy YOU Vending?

The requirements of operating a traditional franchise are burdened with limitations and monthly fees. To meet strict expectations, franchisees work far too many hours. Speaking about traditional franchises, Healthy YOU Vending’s president and CEO, Jeff Marsh, says, “You’re just buying a job.” That is an expensive job!

Healthy YOU Vending is unlike any other business opportunity. Once you have made your initial investment, there are no other financial obligations—what you earn is yours. There are no franchise fees, no royalty fees and once you purchase the equipment from us, you decide how to operate your business.

But you’re not alone in your new venture—we offer a helping hand every step of the way. We are your biggest fans and strive to help you succeed. We are your lifeline throughout the life of your business. Which franchises can say that?

While there are many unique benefits of owning a Healthy YOU Vending business, one appealing aspect for many is operating a successful business without other employees. Your machines do all the work for you! Oftentimes, the typical franchise has a high turnover rate, forcing the franchisee to spend large amounts of time training employees instead of increasing profits. With your Healthy YOU Vending business, you run the show, and your employees can’t call in sick!

How Do I Get Started?

There is no better time to get involved with something phenomenal. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and join the wellness revolution. Take control of your life and let Healthy YOU Vending open the door of possibilities you have been dreaming about. Join us today!