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Grow Your HealthyYOU Vending Business

Grow Your HealthyYOU Vending Business

You took the plunge and started a HealthyYOU Vending machines business. You’ve placed your machines, maybe even moved one to a different location, and they’re performing well. You’ve gotten a handle on the logistics of the business, and have learned to stock your healthy vending machines with customer favorites. Your healthy vending business is booming.

Now what?

Every healthy vending entrepreneur has a different goal in mind. Maybe you’re happy with five machines, maybe you’re ready to grow your HealthyYOU Vending business. Vending is truly a numbers game. In other words, the more HealthyYOU Vending machines you have in good locations, the more money you can make.

If you’re ready to grow your HealthyYOU Vending machine business, there are a few things to consider.

Timing is everything.

You already know the demand for healthy snacks and drinks is out there. And chances are you’re ready to grow your healthy vending business because you already have other locations in mind. Hudson and Betsy Gray started their healthy vending business with five machines, and in just three years they’ve grown to own and operate 31 machines. The timing was right for the Grays: they approached Fort Campbell right when the army was making plans to remove junk food from vending machines and implement healthier FitPick standards. They were able to purchase and place 13 machines around the Army base. That success gave them the confidence to say yes to their next big opportunity: placing 11 machines in their local school district.

Run the numbers.

Of course, growing your business means purchasing additional machines. The good news is that HealthyYOU Vending will permanently honor the prices listed in your Authorized Distributor Price List at the time of your initial investment! We may experience price increases from time to time, but you’ll be locked in for life at the lower investment price.

Create a reasonable schedule.

Now that you’ve worked out the logistics of your current healthy vending machines, you have a better sense of how much time and effort it takes to stock each one. HealthyYOU Vending machines are relatively simple to fill, taking about 20 minutes to actually service each healthy vending location. The variable is how often you have to refill each machine, and how far you have to travel from location to location. Alli Gardner allots an hour per machine per week for shopping, filling, and restocking, and balances those responsibilities with her husband. Knowing how many hours they can accommodate each week is at the core of determining her goals for future expansion.

Thoughts determine what you want. Actions determine what you get.

At HealthyYOU Vending, we’ve found that decision makers are the moneymakers. So don’t just think about growing your healthy vending business—take action today!

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