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Franchise Favorite

Top 5 Business Opportunity Among Franchises

Healthy YOU Vending, a longtime favorite of franchise seekers, and named The Fastest Growing Business Opportunity, was also named by Franchise Help as a Top 5 Business Opportunity in the nation.

America's Fastest Growing Business Opportunity

Key factors that determine this important ranking.

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Cost & Fees: Including required liquid capital and franchise/royalty fees

The liquid capital requirement to start a Healthy YOU Vending business is among the lowest in the industry—and we have no royalties or ongoing fees.

Size & Growth: Including growth rate and years in operation

In business since 1999, over 1700 healthy vending operators and a long track record of success, Healthy YOU Vending is hard to beat.

Support: Including marketing and operational support, and training

Healthy YOU Vending provides a Lifetime Coaching Guarantee—and our operators receive franchise level support, no strings attached. Assistance in finding locations for the vending machines is also included.

While ranked with and compared to franchises, Healthy YOU Vending is actually a business opportunity and we offer many advantages over franchises.

Ten Reasons Video

Watch our video for the top 10 reasons why Healthy YOU Vending is better than a franchise. Our unique business opportunity doesn’t require royalties or other ongoing fees, yet provides franchise-level support. We help empower our healthy vending operators to succeed.

Better than a Franchise Video

Watch Roland explain why he and his wife decided against a franchise, and for Healthy YOU Vending. Unlike other business opportunities that are people-based, ours is technology-based—meaning you can manage multiple machines yourself without the need to hire employees.

Business Opportunity Infographic

People seeking franchises for sale love what Healthy YOU Vending has to offer. Why? Peruse our graphic to learn about the benefits of our unique business opportunity. Our operators enjoy a level of flexibility and ease of entry that traditional franchises can’t match.

HYV vs Franchise Infographic

Healthy YOU Vending isn’t a franchise; it’s better than a franchise. View our graphic to compare our unique business opportunity with a traditional franchise system. We think you’re going to like what you see. We help people live the American Dream and experience true freedom.

The Franchise Model

Franchises help to reduce some of the inherent risks of starting a business from scratch, or buying an existing business. Indeed, a franchise opportunity allows individuals of all backgrounds to go into business for themselves—often in industries where they may have little or no experience or expertise. This is the main reason franchises have been described as “the greatest business model ever created.” But there also are drawbacks to a traditional franchise, including the loss of freedom to make key decisions, strict adherence to a set business methodology, and high initial and recurring costs.

The HealthyYOU Alternative

In contrast, Healthy YOU Vending does not control any part of your business, box you into a small territory, or burden you with franchise, royalty or recurring fees. Yet we still provide the support of a traditional, top 10 franchise, while at the same time allowing our vending operators to be true entrepreneurs. While we are not a franchise, our model is considered one of the “top franchise opportunities” in the nation. And beyond that, we are also well-known as a top business opportunity, overall. In fact we were named the 2020 Top Business Opportunity by the Franchise brokers Association.

Franchises - Why or Why Not

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