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Starting a Healthy Vending Business

Starting a Healthy Vending Business

If you’re considering starting a healthy vending business, you probably have some questions. One of them might be “Why?” Some of our most successful operators shared their reasons for choosing the HealthyYOU Vending business model.

A Natural Progression

“Being from Colorado—it is one of the fittest states in the United States—people are very health-conscious. I was a college and international athlete myself and so I’ve always been very healthy. My family, we practice healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, so it really was a natural progression for us to take a look at this opportunity and move into the healthy vending business.”
–Mark G., Denver, CO

A Business That Doesn’t Need Employees

“We decided to get into that business because we were looking for something where we didn’t have to continue having employees. We were looking for something, anything, we could do to make a living that we didn’t have to hire employees. Betsy came to me one day and said, “How about this?” She’d seen it on the internet. So, I looked at it and said “That’s not a bad idea. Let’s look deeper into it.” It was a picture of HealthyYOU’s vending machine. At that point in time, we just dove into it and started doing research…on healthy vending. We went with the healthy part because we ourselves had just decided within the last year to start eating healthier and living a healthier lifestyle.”
–Hudson and Betsy, Clarksville, TN

It’s Important to Teach My Son Healthy Choices

“We wanted to get into this because it reflects our lifestyle. We try very hard to be healthy. I have a six-year-old. It’s important for me to teach him healthy choices, wise choices. And it seemed like it would fit my schedule, my life at this time. I’m busy taking care of him, and really consider myself a full-time mom. I also take care of my mother, she has Alzheimer’s. Having this vending business, and it being healthy, it fits that. It lets me schedule things on my time, allows me to still take care of my mom, to be a mom to my son, and to do something I’m passionate about: Health. Healthy choices.”
–Donna W, Vestavia Hills, AL

We Are Health Advocates

“We really wanted to focus on healthy vending because we’re health advocates as it is, and we didn’t want to pollute the world anymore with other types of traditional vending machines out there. So, I looked a lot at some of the other alternatives out there and found that this one was the best fit for us.”
–Jason and Jamie W., Goleta, CA

A Viable Option for Additional Income

“I try to stay healthy and I believe that health is a big problem in the United States. As I’m getting older—I’ve always been an athlete, high school, a little college football, intramural basketball—so I’ve always been in pretty decent shape. Eating healthy is something I try to do as much as possible. I have kind of a passion for that. Vending seemed like a way to make an additional income in between jobs. You always have a steady income as long as you pick a decent location. It was a viable option for additional income.”
–Kenneth P., Jacksonville, NC

What has sparked your interest in HealthyYOU Vending?

A passion for health, flexibility and freedom, an additional source of income. What are the reasons that are important to YOU?