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Go Green with Energy Efficient HealthyYOU Vending Machines

Go Green with Energy Efficient HealthyYOU Vending Machines

Earth Day is April 22, and it’s always a great reminder to think about the impact we have on the earth and the environment. Did you know that HealthyYOU Vending machines are one of the most energy efficient vending machines on the market? Competing machines can use two to three times the energy that our machines do, or more.

We carefully considered the environment during the design of our machines. Our healthy vending machines use a smaller, more energy-efficient compressor and a fan motor cooling system, resulting in lower energy use and costs. Enhanced insulation results in more off-time for the compressor and motor, and a more efficient LED lighting system allows for better energy efficiency.

Save Energy When Not In Use

HealthyYOU Vending’s drink unit is separate from the rest of the machine, designed to conserve energy by keeping only the drink unit cold. This helps keep drinks cold enough to meet customer expectations while not wasting energy cooling products that don’t need to be cooled. Our machine draws just 4.5 amps, while a competing machine draws 15 amps—more than triple the amount of power.

SmartWare Pro software allows locations to control the refrigeration system by setting up days and times to put the machine into energy-saving mode. If a HealthyYOU Vending machine is placed in an office building, for example, and no one works overnight or on the weekends, the machine settings can be easily adjusted to stop cooling at a certain time. Simply set the time you’d like the compressor to go back to regular cooling mode. If no one will be buying drinks for 12 hours, there’s no reason to waste energy by cooling drinks unnecessarily. This is a great feature for potential locations, especially in localities that require energy-saving mode on vending machines.

Eco-friendlier Insulation

We also looked carefully at the quality and quantity of insulation in order to ensure our machine would be both quieter and more energy efficient. Better insulation also results in less wear and tear on the compressor. The HealthyYOU Vending machine uses cyclopentane insulating foam, which insulates better than hydrochloric carbon and is more environmentally friendly. Quality insulation paired with a quality compressor combine to make HealthyYOU Vending machines one of the most energy-efficient vending machines on the market.

These are just some of the ways we make steps to reduce our carbon footprint, not just on Earth Day but every day!