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Healthy Vending Business September 28, 2017
Meet A Few Of HealthyYOU Vending’s Raving Fans

Meet A Few Of HealthyYOU Vending’s Raving Fans

We would like to thank all of the HealthyYOU Vending operators who have taken their time to share their experiences. These testimonials are from operators who have invested in our equipment and program.

“My experience with HealthyYOU has been a positive one. I chose HealthyYOU Vending not only because of their extensive experience and spotless track record in the vending business but also because of the state of the art technology their machines have to offer.”

– John K., Garden City, New York

“The support levels that we received from the entire HealthyYOU Vending team really drove [our] decision. It was kind of a no-brainer. I did look into franchises in the beginning. They took royalties; they dictated what you put in your machine. HealthyYOU Vending said we’ll give you a platform that you can build on…with similar support but ultimately you’re in control. It was an additional bonus to know I’m in control of what my business generates, and if I need support I can fall back on them.”

Andre and Brittany B., Miami, Florida

“I was looking for a business that I could be passionate about and that could provide additional income for my family. I compared other companies to HealthyYOU Vending and found that I couldn’t go wrong with this company. Everything that was promised, from the ordering, delivery and coaching has been handled with ease by the wonderful staff.”

-Elizabeth C., Chesapeake, Virginia

“We chose HealthyYOU Vending based upon their background in the vending industry and their desire to work with us after we completed our purchase. We attended their training session and came away extremely impressed with their professionalism and commitment to support our business. The training and support from this company far exceeds the level of support provided by most franchises.”

– Jim G., Portland, Oregon

“From the time of conception in our minds, we knew HealthyYOU Vending was the company we wanted to work with. The machines are beautiful and very well made. Everyone at HealthyYOU Vending has been there for us from day one. They have been prompt to send information when we asked for it and to answer any questions that we may have had. That really showed us the integrity of the people and the company.”

– Steve & Lara M., Grand Junction, Colorado

“I found everyone at HealthyYOU Vending to be very professional, honest and helpful. They want your business to
 be profitable and successful. HealthyYOU is looking out for you from the very beginning. It almost seems too good to be true, but it’s not! This is an amazing company with great corporate values and they are genuinely looking out for your success. I made a great decision in choosing HealthyYOU Vending for my healthy vending business and you should too!”

– Michelle D., Friendswood, Texas

“HealthyYOU Vending has been a great business partner to assist in starting my own Healthy Vending business. I say “partner” because from the time I decided to invest in my own business to actually getting it up and running, they have been there for me the whole way. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend HealthyYOU Vending and look forward to working with them to grow my business even further. HealthyYOU Vending is a business partner that you can rely on.”

– Eric L., Franksville, Wisconsin

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