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HealthyYOU Vending Machines Made in the U.S.A.

HealthyYOU Vending Machines Made in the U.S.A.

Did you know that every step of the HealthyYOU Vending machine manufacturing process — from the initial punching of the steel to powder coating, component installation and final inspection — is made in the U.S.A.? HealthyYOU Vending machines are proudly made at Seaga Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art 110,000-foot manufacturing and warehouse facility in Freeport, Illinois.

A trusted name in the vending manufacturing industry, Seaga has been a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of vending equipment since 1987, creating vending machines for Coca-Cola, Nestle and some of the largest corporations in the world. HealthyYOU Vending operators may visit Seaga and take a factory tour to watch HealthyYOU Vending machines being made in the U.S.A. “You can’t fake machine quality when the proof is right in front of you,” says HealthyYOU Vending Owner Jeff Marsh.

Buying an American-made healthy vending machine keeps your dollars in the U.S., ensures easy availability of parts, and guarantees compliance with federal ADA regulations and NAMA certification for vending machine health and safety. This means a lot to operators, customers, and locations.

HealthyYOU Vending machines adhere to the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s (NAMA) strict guidelines and certifications, and are compliant with the 2012 Americans with Disabilities Act. Meeting these criteria allows HealthyYOU Vending to offer a seven-year warranty on their healthy vending machines, when the industry standard is one to three years.

“Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act keeps your machine legal. Manufacturing your machine in the U.S. and maintaining NAMA certification makes your machine top quality,” Marsh says.

NAMA is the watchdog of the vending machine industry, setting vending machine standards that ensure electrical and health safety. NAMA inspectors use a 79-point checklist when visiting a manufacturing facility to certify vending machines.

The ADA requires that no operable part of a vending machine be higher than 48 inches or lower than 15 inches. The law also states that responsibility for rectifying non-compliant machines falls on the machine operator rather than the manufacturer. With HealthyYOU Vending, ADA compliance is guaranteed.

As a distributor, “Your machine is your number one asset,” says Marsh. “You want to make sure you are buying a certified machine.” Buying a HealthyYOU Vending machine made in the U.S.A. does just that.