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Why Vending Machine Snacks Are a Healthy Choice

Why Vending Machine Snacks Are a Healthy Choice

Can vending machines be healthy? You bet. The key lies in a compromise between the type of products with which they are stocked, and the products consumers prefer. When healthy snacks are offered in easily accessible vending machines, it minimizes availability to calorie-laden junk food. Healthy vending machine snacks are especially essential when access to food choices is limited, such as in office buildings or waiting areas.

Stock With Healthy Snacks

From organic options to healthy hydration choices, Healthy YOU Vending machine snacks and drinks provide consumers with an alternative to junk food that won’t weigh them down. Healthy vending machine snacks may include:

  •  Nuts, seeds and jerky
  •  Dried fruits, raisins and trail mix
  •  Tuna and whole grain cracker kits
  •  Organic chips and cookies
  •  Energy bars and granola bars
  •  Dark chocolate and organic lollipops

Most healthy vending options include the same popular healthy snacks and drinks you know and love, but in single-size servings. Natural food companies have always offered organic and healthy snack options, but even traditional food companies have added healthier options to their offerings over the past several years.

Focus on Healthy Snacking

There’s a nationwide trend toward making healthy choices, thanks to the evolution of clean eating, organic, gluten-free and other healthier eating habits. This trend isn’t going anywhere, especially when you consider many people spend 10 or more hours a day away from home due to work, school, errands and activities. The benefits of healthy snacking include:

  • Increased nutrient intake
  • Sustained energy levels
  • Maintained blood sugar levels
  • Hunger satisfaction to prevent overeating

Healthy Snacks

Photo by: John Diez from Pexels

Promote Healthy Eating Habits

Easy access to nutrient-dense foods and healthy snacks is one of the best ways to prevent hunger, which can lead to overeating—especially too much junk food. While preparation is the best prevention, it’s not always feasible. In that case, having access to health vending machine snacks can be a beneficial option. Here are a few ways to be prepared:

  •  Start your day with a hearty, nutritious breakfast, like oatmeal with a handful of dried fruit
  •  Replace added-sugar drinks like soda with water, coconut water or pure fruit juices
  •  Choose a trail mix made with nuts and fruit over chocolate-coated candy
  •  Control portions with single-serving size snacks
  •  Avoid over-snacking, by choosing a full meal from the Healthy YOU Vending SmartMart side vendor.

Choose Healthy YOU Vending for a Healthier You Healthy YOU Vending machines are no ordinary machines. Located in offices, health clubs, hospitals, schools and colleges, these healthy vending machines offer a great way to make healthier choices without much additional effort. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Today’s vending machines have evolved far past candy bars and chips. Choose Healthy YOU Vending and put healthier options in your hands and within reach of the people you care about—your friends, family and community.

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