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Benefits of Eating Fruit Every Day for a Healthier You

Benefits of Eating Fruit Every Day for a Healthier You

 The powerful benefits of fruit are practically endless. When eaten in healthy moderation, fruits feature nutrients that can help balance weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. Fruits can also repair cells, help fight against cancers and chronic diseases, assist with weight management and provide the daily nutrients you need to be happier and healthier. These whole foods are a convenient and portable addition to a clean eating diet. You can even enjoy pure, packaged fruits such as dried or dehydrated fruits and organic fruit leathers found in Healthy YOU Vending machines for a refreshing pick-me-up when you’re craving something sweet.

Go Bananas

Bananas are a potassium powerhouse, with a wide variety of vital minerals and nutrients. They have vitamin B6 which helps produce red blood cells and maintain the nervous system, plus vitamin C and magnesium which can help with brain health, skin health and blood pressure. Bananas also help with digestion and energy. If you need a boost to power through the day, join all of the other banana enthusiasts in August to celebrate Banana Lovers Day. While you’re at it, check your local Healthy YOU Vending machine for whole food banana chips like Funky Monkey Bananamon for crunch satisfaction without the junk food calories.

An Apple a Day

Apples not only keep the doctor away, but also help to protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and even some cancers. They may even offer protection against diseases like Alzheimer’s. Apples are a great source of fiber; they help with healthy weight loss and improve your immune system. So the next time you see a Healthy YOU Vending machine, head on over to get a package of Bare Apple Chips or a squeezable applesauce and enjoy a delicious, healthy treat.

Eating Fruit

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Millions of Peaches

Peaches rank high on our list of favorite fruits, providing up to nine percent of daily fibers and ten percent of vitamin C. As a moderate source of antioxidants, peaches help keep your body running smoothly while avoiding high calories and preservatives that can negatively affect your health. Along with these nutrients, they also supply vitamin A which improves vision, vitamin E which keeps the immune system strong, potassium which strengthens bones and fluoride to protect teeth. Make sure you reap the benefits of this fruit in August aka National Eat a Peach Day. And if you haven’t tried freeze dried peach slices, you’re missing out!

Berry Good for You

Low in calories but high in nutrients, blueberries are one of the best super foods out there, featuring antioxidants to help protect against certain cancers and reduce levels of LDL cholesterol. These delicious gems help to lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease and improve memory. They also help to fight urinary tract infections, improve insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes and help to reduce muscle damage. All in all, blueberries are small but powerful fruits that improve your physical and mental health. Consider stocking freeze-dried berries or berry fruit leathers in your healthy vending machine for a tasty, healthy snack customers will love.

More and more, consumers are making the decision every day to cut sugar- and sodium-laden junk food in favor of whole foods as part of a clean eating plan. When eaten in moderation, fruits are one of the best types of food to include in a whole food diet. They help mental processes, have antioxidant benefits that can help prevent illnesses and they balance body systems. Seek out your local Healthy YOU Vending machine fruit snacks and grab a portable version of these amazing superfoods to stay healthy on-the-go.