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6 Tips from A Successful HealthyYOU Vending Operator

6 Tips from A Successful HealthyYOU Vending Operator

HealthyYOU Vending operator Andre Barrett has owned his healthy vending machine business since January 2014 — and in just a year and a half his business has nearly doubled, from five healthy vending machines to nine. The lifelong fitness and nutrition enthusiast loves being in business for himself in an industry he’s passionate about. “We’re breaking the junk food tradition,” says Andre, “and I am part of the transition.” Learn what it takes to be a successful HealthyYOU Vending operator by following Andres’s six tips to success.

Take A Chance
When Andre lost his job as a manager at AT&T, it seemed like a good opportunity to start his own business. Also a personal trainer, he was drawn to the idea of recurrent revenue backed by good nutrition — and becoming a healthy vending operator was the perfect fit. (Fun fact: Andre’s first HealthyYOU Vending machines were delivered on his birthday!)

Use HealthyYOU Vending’s Location Service
Andre learned that finding a location on your own can be a lot of trial and error. Thanks to HealthyYOU Vending’s location assistance program, he has placed some of his healthy vending machines in high traffic locations such as Apple, Microsoft, a busy call center and the Fort Lauderdale Hilton. “I’m absolutely happy with HealthyYOU Vending’s location assistance services,” says Andre. “They placed half my locations. It was wise to use them.”

Know Your Customers
With healthy vending machines located in various multi-cultural areas throughout South Florida, Andre has learned that his vending products must be different for each location. He makes it a point to get to know his contact person at each location to see how customers respond to the products in his healthy vending machines and to find out if they have requests for particular products.

Andre Barrett loading HYV machines

“Owning your business is not enough,” says HealthyYOU Vending owner/operator Andre Barrett. “You must work it yourself.”


Follow Trends
“I like to be the first person with new products in my healthy vending machines,” says Andre. Watching trends and keeping up with the latest products are just part of the picture of a vending machine distributor. When he’s out, Andre also makes it a point to be aware of what people are putting in their shopping carts at health food stores, and even asks shoppers what they’re buying and why. After learning that his customer base prefers unique products, he now places four core “draw in” products in each healthy vending machine. Some of his favorites are Bare Coconut Chips, Crave Jerky, Blue Sky Jamaican Ginger Ale and Coca Cola Life, made with stevia instead of sugar. Paying attention to trends has paid off big time for Andre: “My revenue has almost doubled in a year and a half.”

Use Lifetime Coaching
Andre contributes his success to hard work backed by the assistance of HealthyYOU Vending’s business coaches. He appreciates the new ideas and perspective he gains from each call, and says that working with HealthyYOU Vending’s Lifetime Coaches has helped his learning curve as a vending machine distributor. “When my sales slowed down in the summer, they helped me see that I needed to stock my healthy vending machines with more drinks. People eat less in the summer heat but they need to stay hydrated.” Andre also appreciates HealthyYOU Vending’s excellent customer service, the friendly employees and the trust he feels. “I put my trust in a company that feels like a family. I need that.”

Go All In
Setting hard goals is a key point for Andre in his business. “I set my goals to set the foundation for my future.” he says, “If I’m doing this, I’m going all in.” Andre analyzes his numbers every night, brands every part of his vending business from his clothing to his cell phone cover, has a company website, and uses social media to promote his business. “When you think of vending machines, you think of me,” Andre says. “I give it everything because I made my investment — there’s no going back.”

HealthyYOU Vending Machines

Andre Barrett’s HealthyYOU Vending machines at one of his successful locations.


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