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Business Owners Taking Calls

Business Owner Name Phone Number Best Time to Call Description
Andre Barrett (954) 805-8644 Call anytime EDT Andre is a professional kickboxer. He started with our smallest package and currently has 106 machines.
Pete Ambrosino (610) 972-5356 Call anytime EDT Pete started with 15 machines and has more than doubled to expand beyond 30 machines.
Eleanor & Jonathan Ellingson (210) 204-6400 Call 8am-8pm CDT Eleanor and Jonathan started with 10 machines and have added a few more. Jonathan works as an actuary and the Ellingson’s run their healthy vending company as a family business with their three children.
Lisa Bartholomew (406) 250-7117 Call anytime MDT Lisa currently has 17 machines. She has an insurance and real estate background.
Hudson Gray (931) 801-8913 Call 9am-5pm CDT Hudson continues to expand his business with 101 machines to date.

The Business Owners above have given us permission to pass on their contact information. Talking to two or three of these Business Owners will give you a pretty good feel for the business. It is unlikely you will be able to reach them all due to their business and personal schedules.

If a Business Owner is not available when you call, we recommend that you text them and then consider leaving a voicemail message as well. While we appreciate their willingness to take calls we do not require that they return all calls. These Business Owners are given credit toward vending equipment or are compensated for taking their time in helping people get a better understanding of our program.

Our goal is to ensure you get the information you need about the business – please let us know if you discover someone who is too busy to take calls any longer.