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Can Food Choices Influence Stress?

Can Food Choices Influence Stress?

As we bustle about our busy lives, we don’t always have a choice in the factors that cause us stress; however, we do have the choice to reduce any negative contributions towards them. When our physical body is taxed, its ability to cope with external pressures is lessened, which can cause a heightened state of stress.

How Can Food Affect Stress?

It is not uncommon to feel physically tired and depleted of any zest for life when you’re feeding your body less than substantial nourishment. When you properly maintain your body with sound nutritional choices, your brain can focus more energy on additional functions such as cognitive processes.

It is important to think of these choices as creating a domino effect. When a person consumes most of their calories from nutrient deficient sources, the body is in a constant depleted state and it focuses energy on those missing needs instead of cognitive processes. Conversely, if you fuel your body with optimal nutrition, the brain receives an extra boost of energy that opens
the floodgates of its intellectual and emotional possibilities. This allows a person to more effectively manage external difficulties and stressful situations that may arise.

Fight Back Against Junk Food

You don’t have to eat junk food! Hearty and healthy snacks, beverages and meals with robust flavors and much-needed nutrients can be found in many Healthy YOU Vending machines across the nation. We understand that without powerful fuel to efficiently to feed our bodies, it is difficult for the mind and body to effectively manage the inevitable stresses of life.

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