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Healthy Summer Snacks on the Go

Healthy Summer Snacks on the Go

Summer is a time for family fun and adventures of all kinds. Camping, hiking, boating and road trips will fill the sunny summer months for many of us. This can mean a lot of snacking on-the-go and on the road in order to fit in all of those activities. But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your healthy eating habits to keep up with the local scene.

We all have our favorite snack foods, but many of them are lacking any solid nutrition. So, we have put together a list of better versions of your favorite products that require no preparation, are easy to pack, and of course—taste amazing. Here are a few ideas to keep you feeling energized and full of vigor over the summer break!


With flavors that will make your mouth burst, and no artificial
ingredients, Smartfood Delight Popcorn will satisfy even the pickiest of
eaters. Both adults and children agree that this savory snack is well worth
packing for any road trip! This is also a smart option for those who need to
adhere to a gluten-free diet.

Pita Chips

Step away from the greasy chips you’re used to and reach for
Stacy’s Pita Chips! These tasty bits are made from only the best ingredients on
the market and baked for 14 hours! Wow! Now, that is tender, loving care!

Tortilla Crisps

The Food Should Taste Good brand has a multigrain tortilla chip
that really packs some crunch! Made with wholesome ingredients such as whole
grain corn, brown rice and quinoa, the only thing you’ll be missing are the unhealthy
ingredients found in many commercialized snack foods. This is also a great
option for gluten-free eaters and those with a dairy allergy.

Chocolate Brownies

When your sweet tooth is calling, look no further than a Nature’s
Bakery Double Chocolate Brownie! These delectable delights have natural
occurring ingredients with added fiber such as flaxseed, dates and whole wheat

Veggie Crisps

Who can honestly say they get in their daily veggies regularly? EatSmart
Veggie Crisps are made from tomato, spinach and potato! A crunchy, guilt-free
pleasure, lightly seasoned with sea salt is a great snack for all ages.

Granola Bars

Lightly sweetened with natural flavorings and honey, KIND bars are made with chewy, wholesome oats, nuts and seeds that will push you through that long canoeing trip or a rigorous mountain hike. They’re easy to pack and a perfect light-weight addition to any adventure the summer months will throw at you.

Where can These Products Be Located?

There are thousands of Healthy YOU operators located throughout the
country. We encourage them to carry these products for good reason. We know how
busy life can be, especially over the crazy summer months. That is why we
strive to carry only the best, nutritionally sound products available today.
Our aim is always to shoot for something better, and you should, too!

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