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Topics & Tags: healthy vending machine choices

As we bustle about our busy lives, we don’t always have a choice in the factors that cause us stress; however, we do have the choice to reduce any negative contributions towards them. When our physical body is taxed, its ability to cope with external pressures is lessened, which can cause a heightened state of […]

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Whether it’s grabbing a quick afternoon pick-me-up or purchasing an entire meal, more and more consumers are using cashless vending technology to pay for vending machine transactions. And thanks to the growing popularity of mobile wallets, smartphones are emerging as a preferred payment methods, especially at vending machines. recently reported that Apple Pay is […]

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Being younger than 30 may correlate with healthier eating habits. Studies show that rising generations, particularly millennials, are trending towards more health-conscious eating, and many are likely to choose healthy products in vending machines. A recent report conducted by the Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey offered surprising information about the culinary habits of millennials, […]

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New research confirms that replacing one daily serving of a sugary soft drink with water or other unsweetened beverages can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 14%. As reported by Vending Market Watch, researchers also found that there was an approximately 22% increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes per extra serving […]

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