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Become A HealthyYOU Vending Location This Summer

Become A HealthyYOU Vending Location This Summer

Vacations, swimming, camping, day camp … ah, summer! While the dog days of summer can become the downfall of healthful eating habits when you’re always on the go, healthy snacking is a great way to keep energy levels up and refuel while having fun in the sun — that goes for adults as well as kids.

Think about it: food is fuel. If you put junk in your body, you’ll feel like junk. If you fill your body with food that’s good for you — healthy, natural, nutritious snacks and drinks — you’ll feel healthy too. HealthyYOU Vending makes it easy to manage the munchies with smart snacking solutions. The better your customers feel, the longer they’ll play (or stay) — and that benefits your business.

Our HealthyYOU Vending machines offer a huge variety of snacks and drinks that are both nutritious and delicious. As a location, you can provide your employees and customers with healthy, organic, low-calorie, low-fat, or all natural “fuel” to keep energy levels up.  After all, who wants to jump back in the pool after a heavy snack of greasy fries or a big pile of cheese-laden nachos?

Staying hydrated is important too. Every cell in the body needs water in order to function properly. According to the American Heart Association, when the temperature rises, getting enough to drink is important whether you’re playing sports, traveling or just sitting in the sunshine. Water, healthy juices and sports drinks are a great way to stay hydrated.

Even major cities are in on the act. New York City has implemented nutritional requirements for beverages at summer camps, and the city of Bellevue, Washington recommends drinking 3 to 8 ounces of water or electrolyte-enhanced sports drinks every 15 minutes during activity. That’s a lot of liquid to haul around for a full day of play! Make it convenient for your customers by offering healthy drinks on site. Talk to your HealthyYOU Vending distributor to make sure your machine is stocked with the things you need to keep your employees and customers hydrated.

Summer camps, pools, amusement parks, fitness centers, community rec centers, golf course clubhouses, country clubs, vacation resorts, hotels, campgrounds and even schools with summer programs all make great HealthyYOU Vending locations. Keep your customers happy — and at your location longer — by offering them a variety of delicious natural, organic and healthy snacks and drinks. And with the HealthyYOU Vending machine’s ability to accept credit/debit cards plus Google/Mobile Wallet technology, never miss a sale because your customer isn’t carrying cash!

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to lock in a HealthyYOU Vending machine at your place of business (employees love healthy vending, too!) Best of all, there is no cost and no commitment required by your company!

Become a HealthyYOU Vending location this summer. Find out more about requesting one of our high-tech, user-friendly HealthyYOU Vending machines at your location.

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