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Healthy Vending Technology December 2, 2014
What’s Inside HealthyYOU Vending Machines?

What’s Inside HealthyYOU Vending Machines?

Each day, millions of Americans head to the office vending machine for a snack to fight off the mid-afternoon munchies. If they’re lucky, they’ll be heading to a HealthyYOU Vending machine — instead of a traditional vending machine — to stave off hunger pangs in a healthier way.

New healthy vending products hit the market every week, as consumer demand for healthy snacks, drinks and meals increases. As a HealthyYOU Vending distributor, you have plenty of options for stocking your healthy vending machines. In fact, you have over 1,100 healthier snack, drink and meal options! You obviously can’t fit them all, but you can provide the exact product mix your customers are looking for.

Let’s take a peek inside HealthyYOU Vending machines.

HealthyYOU Vending SnacksHealthy snack options for vending machines are on the rise, as consumers continue to choose healthy snacks over traditional vending machine junk food. Dried fruits, seeds, and nuts have always offered healthier snack options, while other snack categories have seen significant change in recent years to keep up with consumer demand. Cookies, crackers, nutritional bars, chips, pretzels, cereal and granolas have taken a healthier turn. There’s even been an increase in healthy snack options for candy bars and gum.

HealthyYOU Vending DrinksHealthy drinks have always led the way in healthy vending machine products. After all, what’s healthier than water? Nowadays, there are more options for healthy hydration than just water including non-carbonated juices, non-dairy smoothies and healthier energy drinks. Even tea and coffee categories have seen sustainable growth in recent years to keep pace with consumer demand for healthier vending machine drink options. HealthyYOU Vending consumer favorites include traditional non-carbonated juices and flavored waters such as orange and pineapple, as well as more exotic healthy fruits like goji berry and guanabana. Low-calorie sports drinks provide electrolytes and other nutrients for a beneficial energy boost. There are also a wide variety of healthier sodas for a thirst-quenching burst of flavor.

HealthyYOU Vending Entrees and Side DishesVending entrees and side dishes bring a whole new dimension of healthy vending options to your locations. The optional entrée/side dish add-on to your HealthyYOU Vending machines provides a source of revenue that other healthy vending machines don’t offer. People may choose not to snack, but when it comes to meal times, they have to eat!

Chinese, Thai, Indian and other ethnic foods are popular entrees available to stock in your HealthyYOU machines, as well as soups, chili and rice dishes. The number of healthy entrée and side dish options continues to grow as product manufacturers realize that healthy eaters don’t always have time to cook a meal from scratch, or may unexpectedly work through lunch or overtime.

The Healthy Bottom Line

As a HealthyYOU Vending entrepreneur, we don’t tell you what to sell in your machines. However, we will get you started with a list of national best-selling healthy products AND connect you directly to the largest and most efficient nutritional distribution centers for healthy vending products in the United States. We recommend you experiment in each location to find out what healthy snacks, drinks and meals work best by tracking their popularity and success with our RemotePlus Monitoring System. Contact our Lifetime Coaching Staff for more tips on achieving a healthy bottom line with your HealthyYOU Vending business!

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