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5 Tips to Curb Holiday Calorie Spending

5 Tips to Curb Holiday Calorie Spending

The holidays bring good times, good cheer, and lots of good food, tempting even the most disciplined and health-conscious among us to overindulge. A recent survey by MyFitnessPal for the Washington Post* showed that 88% of dieters said they planned to relax their food rules during the holidays — and that the average holiday meal has triple the calories of a regular meal!

To survive the holiday season without packing on the pounds, you need a plan. Give yourself permission to enjoy your favorite treats, while keeping overindulgence to a minimum. Here’s how:

1. Eat a hearty and healthy breakfast. A high-carb, high-fiber breakfast, like oatmeal, can help boost brain power, increase energy levels and keep you feeling fuller longer.

2. Avoid grazing. Instead, eat three meals and two healthy snacks at regular intervals to keep hunger pangs — which lead to overeating — at bay. Regular meals and healthy snacks keep blood sugar levels balanced. So instead of skipping lunch in fear of overeating at the office holiday party that evening, have a light lunch.

3. Speaking of the office holiday party, sign up to bring a healthy dish. That way there’ll be at least one healthy option that you like, which will help you limit your calorie intake.

4. Portion control. It’s tempting to sample every dish and dessert on the buffet table. Instead, scan the offerings and chose a few favorites to fill your plate. Then, pace yourself. Rushing through a meal can cause you to overeat.

5. Don’t forget that sugary beverages and alcohol have calories, too. In fact, alcohol also tends to increase appetite, making us more likely to indulge. Drink water with your meal and save the calories for the thing that really matters: dessert!

Since most people tend to indulge in snacks during the holidays (even more than entrees, sides and desserts), businesses can be proactive in helping employees, clients and customers maintain good eating habits by providing healthy snack, meal and drink options. Contact us to find out how you can bring a HealthyYOU Vending machine into your workplace today — at no cost to your company!

*See the MyFItnessPal/Washington Post survey results: