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The American Dream-for Less

The American Dream-for Less

You want to start a business but don’t have much capital, and don’t want to get in over your head with significant expenses or business loans. And getting involved with multiple investors to fund your company isn’t exactly your idea of living the American dream. So, what are your options?

Understanding Small Business Financing
Is this the year you start your own business?

There are low-cost franchise opportunities available, and franchising can be a good business opportunity if you don’t want to start from the ground up. The parent company, the franchisor, has done a lot of the hard work to lay the foundation for a successful company—including creating the business concept, developing the brand, creating marketing materials and building a customer base.

So, a low-cost franchise sounds like a good option, right? The problem is even with minimal franchise fees, there are the associated costs of starting your new business: securing a location, purchasing needed equipment and hiring employees. While a $10,000 franchise fee seems reasonable, the related costs to get a new location up and running could easily ring up to $50,000 or more, according to Fundera.

But let’s not ignore the elephant in the room: low-cost franchises tend to be less well-known. This means your profits may not be as high as you expect—and don’t forget that franchises charge ongoing royalties, further cutting into your company’s profits.

Franchises offer some advantages but can come with a steep price-tag

With all of the benefits of a franchise without any of the drawbacks, Healthy YOU Vending could be just the business opportunity you’ve been looking for. To start, there are no hidden costs beyond the initial investment required to start your Healthy YOU Vending business. No building to buy, lease or build. No employees to hire. No continued royalties.

But just because there are no continued royalties doesn’t mean Healthy YOU won’t be there to help. If desired, we have a location acquisition team to assist in finding placement opportunities for your machines. Ninety percent of the locations we secure for our operators do not require any commissions.  

What’s more is that there are no geographic restrictions to your Healthy YOU Vending business. That means we don’t restrict your ability to expand your business. We are not going to tell you how many machines or locations you’re limited to—feel free to expand your business as you see fit. With full support for the life of your business and a thriving online community of fellow Healthy YOU Vending operators, you are sure to get the support that usually only comes with massive franchise fees.

So look into the real expenses of low-cost franchises and then consider partnering with Healthy YOU Vending to turn your American dream into a reality.

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