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HealthyYOU Vending: Why the Choice is a No-Brainer

HealthyYOU Vending: Why the Choice is a No-Brainer

There are plenty of vending machine business options, but none of them measure up quite the same way as Healthy YOU Vending. We make it easy for entrepreneurs to get into the vending machine business by giving you the support of a franchise without the continuous fees.

Is vending profitable?

Owning a vending machine business allows you to maintain your current income while earning an additional passive income on the side. About 90% of your Healthy YOU Vending business can be done remotely, allowing you to earn a continual income without giving up your day job until you’re ready.

Healthy YOU Vending is a quick-start business that allows you to begin the business of your dreams in a matter of weeks, not months. We want your business to succeed and we have a number of experienced business coaches to help you work through any issues you may face. If you’re ready to launch your healthy vending business, we’re here to help.

Not only does Healthy YOU Vending care for you and your business, we are also a recession-resistant and profitable company. Named America’s Fastest Growing Business Opportunity in the nation by the franchise industry experts at Franchise Help, we are a business for all economic conditions.

During periods of recession, many people are more cautious with their spending habits. However, when they are hungry or thirsty, they won’t check their bank accounts before grabbing a quick bite to eat or something to drink—making vending the perfect business model regardless of local economic conditions. And owning a vending business won’t break the bank on your end either. With Healthy YOU Vending, you decide how to stock your machines and what you will stock it with, determining the amount of money that you spend each month.

Unlike franchises, Healthy YOU Vending allows you to begin your business part-time. You don’t have to start all in—you can begin small and allow your business to grow over time. Many people start with 10 machines, which require around 10 hours to manage each week. Regardless of the level of commitment you want to focus on your business, Healthy YOU Vending is here to help you succeed.

Healthy YOU Vending has allowed many individuals to start their own vending businesses over the years. Here is one of our greatest success stories:

Meet Healthy YOU Vending Operators Andre and Brittany Barrett

Andre and Brittany live in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where fitness is a big part of their lives. They discovered healthy vending while researching business opportunities that would complement their healthy lifestyle.

They started with five Healthy YOU Vending machines and quickly uncovered the limitless growth potential of owning a healthy vending business. By 2018, they owned 32 vending machines. Today, the Barretts own and operate 110 machines across south Florida. “It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come,” Brittany says.

Where are your healthy vending machines located?

“We have hotels, we have a casino, law firms in downtown Fort Lauderdale,” Andre tells us. “We have staffing firms, Microsoft, Apple, a Carnival Cruise call center, car dealerships. It’s a big range.” The one thing each location has in common is “operation hours.” Targeting businesses with hours of operation, rather than industries in general, has helped the Barretts generate income and grow their business.

How have you developed successful locations?

Something Andre loves doing is partnering with their locations to better understand their needs and consumer preferences. “It’s not cookie cutter across the board,” says Brittany. “It’s really about understanding what [they want] for their employee base, and really being able to take that and own it.” They believe that customizing their healthy vending machine products at each location has been a major contributor to their success.

What led you to healthy vending?

As a personal trainer, Andre was looking for a business opportunity that would allow him to share his knowledge of health and fitness. Healthy vending was a great way to generate recurring revenue to complement his active lifestyle and Brittany agrees. “Being able to incorporate something we already love into a business has been huge for us,” she says.

When did you know healthy vending was for you?

Andre felt an instant connection to running his own business in the healthy vending business arena. Just six months in, he knew that it was for him. After ironing out the details of his inventory management, everything clicked into place. He finished his first year with 10 vending machines and his business has just continued to grow and flourish over the years.

Why did you choose Healthy YOU Vending?

“I didn’t have any experience,” Andre recalls, “I didn’t have anyone to show me what it was.” After speaking to Healthy YOU Vending, Andre told Brittany that he felt a genuine bond. “The support levels that we received from the entire Healthy YOU Vending team really drove [our] decision,” Brittany says. “It was kind of a no-brainer.”

Why Healthy YOU Vending over a traditional franchise?

Andre admits he did look into a traditional franchise model when beginning his research. Once he realized that some healthy vending companies took royalties and dictated what products should be stocked in machines, he gravitated toward the Healthy YOU Vending business model instead. “I’m the expert in my area,” he says. The Barretts realized that Healthy YOU Vending would provide them with a platform to build and grow their business to meet their goals. “They provide support but ultimately… I’m in control of what my business generates, and if I need support, I can fall back on them.” For Andre and Brittany, that unlimited support was the ultimate no-brainer for choosing Healthy YOU Vending.

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