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HealthyYOU Vending’s Location Acquisition Package  Vs. Paying Commissions to a Franchise Year After Year

HealthyYOU Vending’s Location Acquisition Package Vs. Paying Commissions to a Franchise Year After Year

Vending Machine Locations

Your vending machine locations are one of the most pivotal aspects of your healthy vending business – this is not the area to skimp on if you’re serious about acquiring the most profitable locations for your healthy vending machines. That’s why HealthyYOU Vending almost always recommends utilizing our Location Acquisition Team, even for distributors considering securing their own locations.

Our latest signed, sealed and delivered vending machine locations include:

  • Retirement community with 340 employees, 365 residents and 25-50 weekly visitors
  • Crowne Plaza hotel with 378 guest rooms
  • 544-unit apartment complex
  • Mall with 100 stores
  • University bookstore
  • Defense contractor with 250 employees
  • Military base gym, security forces building and barracks
  • Employee benefit contractor with 1,000 employees

In our experience over the years, there are a few healthy vending competing for prime locations. Some of them may charge less for locations, or even “include” them in your healthy vending machine purchase – but we all know that you get what you pay for. How do they place your machines so cheaply? Two ways:

  1. Less desirable, mediocre locations (they won’t tell you that)
  2. They offer the location a commission – usually around 25% of gross sales – eating into YOUR profits

The bottom line? Other vending companies take the path of least resistance when locating your machines.

At HealthyYOU Vending, we believe you deserve better when you invest in YOUR business! We are the only healthy vending company that has a locating division skilled enough to locate your equipment in prime locations AND save you from having to pay out a commission to the locations.

The fact is that over 90% of the locations we secure for our distributors
DO NOT require any commissions!

If you don’t realize how HUGE this is to your ROI, analyze the following two scenarios:

You pay $1,650 per machine to HealthyYOU Vending’s Prime Healthy Locations division – ONE TIME – and don’t pay a commission on your locations over 90% of the time, ever.

You pay less for locations, get mediocre results, plus pay a 25% commission (about HALF of your profit per machine – ouch!) for each machine.  For example: you buy a Cliff Bar for $1, sell it for $2 and make $1 profit. But wait – you’re committed to paying the location 25% of the $2 gross sale (50 cents). You just cut your $1 profit in HALF. This goes on month after month, year after year! What does that add up to?

Let’s Do the Math
Multiply the number of healthy vending machines you have, times your projected profit for each machine.

Now cut that number in half.

Multiply that by 12 to determine how much money you will lose EACH YEAR.

Wow. That’s how much you are REALLY paying for those locations in the long run.

Now compare that number to a one-time location acquisition fee of $1,650 per healthy vending machine. This critical examination reveals just why we do what we do – and why it’s the smartest decision YOU can make regarding the locations of your HealthyYOU Vending machines.

Learn more about securing Prime Healthy Locations for your HealthyYOU Vending machines.


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