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Why HealthyYOU Vending? Get the FAQs!

Why HealthyYOU Vending? Get the FAQs!

Healthy Vending Machines for Sale

Whether you’re just beginning your research into healthy vending or you’re on the verge of taking the entrepreneurial plunge with HealthyYOU, chances are you have questions about healthy vending machines for sale. Rest assured—you’re not alone! HealthyYOU Vending’s support team has been asked A LOT of questions over the year. Get the FAQs to five of the most commonly asked questions:

Q. Why is HealthyYOU Vending the #1 choice for entrepreneurs?
Experience. Reputation. Innovation. Not only do you want a healthy vending machine you can depend on, you want a company you can rely on. Welcome to HealthyYOU Vending! Our equipment, support and professionalism are unparalleled in the industry. You’re not just buying some healthy vending machines for sale − you’re starting a business “partnership” with an equipment provider. The HealthyYOU Vending system is designed to help owner-operators maximize business potential with our exclusively built machine, our unbeatable long-term support and the strongest guarantees in the industry. At HealthyYOU Vending, we’re in it for the long haul — and we’re with you every step of the way!

Q. What makes HealthyYOU Vending’s machine the best?
Over the past decade, we’ve purchased, scrutinized and tested virtually every vending machine on the market. Our extensive research led us to develop the most ideal healthy vending machine ever. If you’re serious about making money, then you want a superior machine that:

  • has the capability of accepting credit & debit cards
  • provides Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM)
  • stocks the optimal number of product selections for most consumers
  • includes a 7-year Limited Warranty
  • has the option of vending healthy entrees and side dishes

To sum it up: HealthyYOU vending machines have “all of the virtues and none of the vices” of other vending machines. As a healthy vending machine business owner-operator, you want versatility, security and stability. Above all, you want the best return on your money. That’s what you’ll find with a HealthyYOU Vending machine.

Q: How much product can each HealthyYOU Vending machine hold?
Each HealthyYOU Vending machine can hold up to 337 healthy snacks and drinks. With the optional Entrée/Side Dish Vendor, your capacity grows to over 415 healthy snacks, drinks and entrées. We have found 21 healthy snack selections and 8 healthy drink options to be the ideal amount of product to store in a single machine/location in order to maintain ideal freshness and variety for your customers — and to maximize your cash flow and your investment.

Q: Are there good healthy vending locations available in my area?
You bet! There are prime healthy vending locations available all across the U.S. and Canada—and there are most likely hundreds of locations available right in your own market area. Your HealthyYOU Vending Training Program provides you with a list of the top locations for your machines. And as a new HealthyYOU Vending operator, you are eligible for assistance from our Prime Healthy Locations™ team.

Q. Do  I have to pay HealthyYOU Vending licensing, trademark or other ongoing fees and royalties?
Why should you?! Our philosophy is different than any other healthy vending company: this is YOUR business, so YOU keep the profits. You never have to pay HealthyYOU Vending licensing, trademark or other ongoing fees/royalties.

Have more questions about HealthyYOU Vending? Find more answers here, send us a message, or give us a call at 1.800.775.4605!

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