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4 Reasons to Choose HealthyYOU Vending Over A Traditional Franchise

4 Reasons to Choose HealthyYOU Vending Over A Traditional Franchise

At HealthyYOU Vending, our philosophy is a bit different than a traditional franchise.  Our business model is focused on helping YOU succeed in the healthy vending business. It’s your business so it should be your success. We’re here to help you make that happen.

We reached out to several of our most successful operators to find out why they chose HealthyYOU Vending business model over a traditional franchise.

No Franchise Fees

With any franchise, you are paying for a lot of services that you may or may not need. One thing HealthyYOU Vending owner/operator Donna W. questioned when researching franchises was the purpose of paying royalty fees and having rules about what can be placed in your vending machine. Freedom from fees and restrictions, as well as the initial investment, also attracted Mark G.from Highland Ranch, CO to HealthyYOU Vending. “You can get into it for a very reasonable price and build [your business] as quickly or as slowly as you want.”

Be Your Own Boss

Donna didn’t want the structure that came with owning a traditional franchise. She prefers the freedom that comes with being her own boss. Operator Jason W. from Goleta, CA agrees. “Anyone who is dead set on a franchise would really benefit from a HealthyYOU program,’ he says. “It has a lot of the same attributes and advantages of a franchise but it’s not as pigeonholed.” His wife and business partner, Jamie, likes the choice and versatility that comes with owning a HealthyYOU Vending business. “We can put whatever we want in it,” she says. “We can place it wherever we want. We’re not dictated to a certain territory or hitting certain goals.”

Business Coaching and Support

Mark did his due diligence and looked into a number of competitors before deciding to become a HealthyYOU Vending operator. He says, “With HealthyYOU Vending, they’ll give you the Cadillac of vending machines and support.”

Freedom to Grow Your Business

Early on, Betsy G. from Clarksville, TN knew that she didn’t want the regulations and confinements that come with owning a franchise. “HealthyYOU has a different approach,” she says. “They let you grow as big as you want to grow.” Jamie W. agrees: “We have control over what goals we want to set, whether it’s staying at the five machines we bought or growing to 100. It’s up to us.”