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Raving Fans: Meet HealthyYOU Vending Distributors Hudson & Betsy

Raving Fans: Meet HealthyYOU Vending Distributors Hudson & Betsy

Although HealthyYOU Vending distributors Hudson and Betsy G. from Clarksville, Tennessee have rewarding careers as the owners of three childcare centers, they were looking for an additional business opportunity that didn’t require employees. They first looked into a variety of franchise opportunities, but found the franchise business model too confining. They wanted a new business that wouldn’t restrict their freedom and growth.

It was a picture of the HealthyYOU Vending machine that first attracted Hudson and Betsy. The fact that the couple had recently started living a healthier lifestyle added to the appeal of the HealthyYOU Vending opportunity. When Hudson and Betsy called HealthyYOU Vending and realized the level of support we provide in helping our distributors succeed, they knew they’d found the right company to help them meet their business goals.

“HealthyYOU has a different approach,” says Betsy. “They let you be what you want to be, grow as big as you want to grow. They’re there to coach you along through that process so you have a lot more freedom and versatility.”

Hudson agrees. “When we called the company we talked to someone very knowledgeable of the machine and the industry, who was very welcoming. Every time we called or emailed or did anything with [HealthyYOU Vending], we had a very positive experience,” said Hudson.

Once they flew out to see the machines in person, Betsy and Hudson were hooked. “Our hands-on experience with the machines validated everything they’d told us prior to attending Healthy YOUniversity,” says Hudson.

Betsy and Hudson appreciate the state-of-the-art technology that is housed in the HealthyYOU Vending machines.  They like the fact that they can add the optional entrée/side dish vendor onto any of their machines depending on the demand of each location, and that they can stock their HealthyYOU Vending machines with their choice of products.  They also rave about knowing that they are more than just a name when they call HealthyYOU Vending with any questions or are in need of assistance.  Speaking of the coaching team, Betsy says, “I’ve made a friend; I know they care about me personally.”

Listen to more from distributors Hudson and Betsy about the excellent support and training we offer:

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