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HYV Healthy Snack Options for Business Owners on the Go

HYV Healthy Snack Options for Business Owners on the Go

While traveling for work often means eating every meal at a restaurant—which can lead to overconsumption of high-calorie foods—business owners on the go can still incorporate healthy snacks into each day. One of the best ways to avoid overindulging while traveling is knowing where your next healthy, on-the-go snacks are coming from. Stay on track with these travel-friendly, healthy snacks, available in Healthy YOU Vending machines.


Eating protein helps you feel fuller longer and that’s essential when it comes to snacks for traveling. Non-perishable options like beef, chicken or turkey jerky; nuts; canned chicken or tuna kits; and protein bars can go a long way toward fueling you for your next business meeting. (Added bonus: you won’t spill these snacks on your tie right before a meeting!)

Plant-Based Snacks

Fruits, veggie chips, mushroom jerky, nuts, trail mix, KIND bars and air-popped popcorn provide plant-based, healthy snack choices for business owners on-the-go. Look for snacks that avoid preservatives, artificial flavorings and GMO ingredients for the healthiest options. Plant-based foods are surprisingly prevalent in healthy vending machines, making them convenient and healthy snacks.

Sweet-Tooth Snacks

Traveling for business owners often means changing time zones, which can disrupt sleep and lead to increased sugar cravings and weight gain. In fact, 44 percent of millennial business travelers surveyed, admitted to gaining weight during business travel. It’s no surprise, when a slice of restaurant cheesecake can contain a whopping 830 calories and 51 grams of sugar! Reduce temptation while satisfying your sweet tooth with portion-controlled, healthier snack options like Nature’s Bakery Double Chocolate Brownies, Unreal Dark Chocolate Crispy Gems or Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almonds. You can even enjoy dried or dehydrated fruits and organic fruit leathers found in Healthy YOU Vending machines for a refreshing pick-me-up when you’re craving something sweet.

More Tips for Choosing Healthy Snacks While Traveling

  1. Pack more than you think you will need. All too often we find ourselves delayed during travel. It’s better to have leftovers than to be left empty-handed. There’s nothing worse than getting on a flight or going into a business meeting hangry.
  2. Choose healthier options. If you’re stuck in an airport, train station or at a location, seek out a healthy vending machine for healthy snacks that will also satisfy cravings.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast. Many Healthy YOU Vending machines located in hotels carry single-serving oatmeal packets so you can have a hot, hearty breakfast right from your business suite hotel room microwave. Add a handful of dried fruit or applesauce for a sweet topping.
  4. Control portions. Single-serving snacks are just the right size to satisfy cravings.
  5. Avoid over-snacking. Choose a full meal from the Healthy YOU Vending SmartMart side vendor.
  6. Replace sugary drinks. Instead drink water, coconut water or pure fruit juices. Staying hydrated is especially important while traveling.

Maintaining healthy eating habits while traveling for business can be a challenge. Making smart snacking choices during business travel can help keep your mind, body and sleep in check—plus, your waistline will thank you! Learn more about Healthy YOU Vending.