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Get A Healthy Business Overview with Remote Monitoring

Get A Healthy Business Overview with Remote Monitoring

Picture this: It’s 3 p.m. on Thursday, peak snack time at a busy call center. It’s been a hectic week of overtime and the vending machine products are running low. Employees turn away, frustrated, when they realize their choices are limited. What’s a hangry employee to do?

Fortunately, HealthyYOU Vending operators are well equipped to avoid this particular scenario, thanks to RemotePlus™ Monitoring. This exclusive system takes the guesswork out of restocking healthy vending machines, making it easy to avoid low inventory, unhappy customers and potentially lost sales.

Powerful Information At Your Fingertips

Remote monitoring provides information that allows HealthyYOU Vending operators to monitor and manage inventory, cash and credit sales, profit margins and more. Each morning, you’ll receive a report that gives a healthy overview of how each machine performed the previous day. This powerful information saves the time and effort it would take to check on each machine in person, every day–and you can review it all from the comfort of home!

24/7 Real Time Solutions

Simply log into your dashboard each morning for an overview of the previous day’s activity. You’ll get a real-time snapshot of each machine’s sales and inventory, be able to track cash and credit purchases, see instantly which products sold best the day before, and then use all of that information to schedule your next restock.

Maximize Revenue

An out-of-stock vending machine translates into lost profit. By reviewing your remote monitoring reports every day, you can track product inventory in every machine and avoid selling out of customer favorites. Then you can easily plan to restock as soon as you see product inventory getting low. No more wasted trips.

Reduced Downtime

When an item is out of stock, or in the rare case of technical glitches, remote monitoring can alert you to these issues so they can be resolved quickly. The less time your machine is down, the more time it spends making money.

All HealthyYOU Vending machines are equipped with remote monitoring at no additional cost. It’s all part of the HealthyYOU Difference!

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