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Family, Flexibility, Success: Having It All With HealthyYOU Vending

Family, Flexibility, Success: Having It All With HealthyYOU Vending

As the owner of a thriving insurance agency in Kalispell, Montana, Lisa Bartholomew felt married to her business. The more time she spent at work, the less time she was able to spend with her family. Lisa began searching for a business opportunity where she could maximize her business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit while allowing her to prioritize her family. That’s when she found HealthyYOU Vending.

Family, Flexibility, and Convenience

Lisa recognized that HealthyYOU Vending offered the perfect combination of flexibility and convenience. “I was really looking for something that I could pick and choose my hours,” Lisa says. “I could work around family time. That was a big thing for me.”

Lisa also liked the idea that healthy vending fulfilled a need in her local community. After working in an office for years, she recognized that HealthyYOU Vending would benefit employees who felt strapped down to a desk all day. “It’s nice to be able to offer something that’s different and also healthy for offices and locations where people really struggle to eat healthy,” she says. “I would have loved to have had this in my office.”


Today Lisa has 11 healthy vending machines placed in Kalispell businesses, including a car dealership, manufacturing company, and a beauty school which has been her most successful location. “The girls love it,” Lisa notes. “They’re super excited when I show up and they love seeing new products I put in there.” The students also love the convenience. “They basically live out of that machine,” she says. “They don’t get to go off premises very often.”

Machine appearance

One thing that drew Lisa to HealthyYOU was the machine’s bright eye-catching design and appearance, and she says it has garnered better placement for some of her machines. In fact, the car dealership liked the appearance of the healthy vending machine so much that they put it in their lobby, rather than tucked away in the back with other vending machines.

Healthy YOUniversity training

Added Value

Another major selling point for Lisa was HealthyYOU Vending’s business model of franchise support without the ongoing fees. “They are very responsive…very friendly…and will always find a solution. This is not your typical type franchise.”

Lisa highly recommends attending Healthy YOUniversity. Lisa notes how helpful this intensive training is, where we spend time teaching how to use the machine, stock it, market it and more. “That’s added value, and that’s big.”

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