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Choosing the Right Product Mix For Your HealthyYOU Vending Machines

Choosing the Right Product Mix For Your HealthyYOU Vending Machines

Providing access to healthier foods isn’t just a trend. Thanks to today’s consumer demand, it’s necessary. So with more than 1,100 healthy snacks, drinks and meals to choose from, how do you know what to stock in your healthy vending machine?

Different Products for Different Locations
Over the 15+ years HealthyYOU Vending has been in business, we’ve learned a thing or two about which healthy snacks, drinks and meals sell best. We’ve also learned that different products sell better in different regions, and sometimes even in different locations within the same region. Time of year can even make a difference. When HealthyYOU Vending operator Andre Barrett wondered why his sales dipped slightly one summer, he called his Lifetime Coach who noted that people tend to drink more than they eat when it’s hot outside. Andre stocked his machines with more water and other healthy drink options and Dre Specials Vends’ sales took off once again.

Trial and Error
While national best sellers typically do well, operators often experiment to see what works best at each healthy vending location. Since no two locations are the same, it may take some trial and error to find the right mix of healthy products for your locations. It can be as simple as asking—and you may just be surprised at the results of your product trials. Andre talks with his contact person at each location to find out if there are any special requests, and often stops shoppers to ask them which healthy vending products are their favorites and why. Terrie Matz, owner of SnackyMatz Healthy Vending, says the customer feedback from up tasting sessions helps them decide which items are best suited for their location.

Think Outside the Box
Snack Smart Healthy Vending owner Hudson Gray says they’ve found a unique use for the optional entrée/side dish vendor of their HealthyYOU Vending machines. At their YMCA location, they use their side dish vendor to stock essential items members may forget and need while at the gym such as socks, ponytail holders, gym locks, cell phone chargers, lip balm, swim goggles, and racquet balls. By thinking outside of the box, Hudson says, “these items sell very well.”

Choosing the best products for your machines is all about experimenting to maximize income. We’ll start you off with a list of national best selling healthy snack products, and introduce you to the largest, most efficient nutritional distribution center in the nation. (Remember, you’re free to purchase your products anywhere.) We recommend providing a good mix of flavors and options, such as products that are vegan, gluten free, and organic. We’re confident once you’ve talked to your locations and to our Lifetime Coaches that you’ll be able to successfully stock your machines with healthy, delicious and affordable snack and drink options that appeal to your customers.


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