Healthy Snacks

Manufacturers are continually introducing new healthy snacks for the vending industry.

Healthy snack options for vending machines are on the rise. In addition to natural foods companies increasing their product choices, more traditional companies like Frito-Lay and others are adding healthy snacks to their menu of choices for vending. Categories like Fruits, Seeds, Nuts and Jerky have always offered healthy snack choices.

Within the last several years there has also been an increase in the healthy vending machine snack categories of Cookies, Crackers, Nutritional Bars and Cereal & Granola Bars. Most recently, there has even been an increase of healthy snack choices in the Chips & Pretzels and Candy Bars & Gum healthy snack categories. As vending consumers continue to choose healthy snacks over traditional, unhealthy snack products, manufacturers will continue to introduce new healthy snacks for the vending industry.

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Candy Bars & Gum
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Cereal & Granola Bars
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Chips & Pretzels
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Nutritional Bars
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Seeds Nuts & Jerky
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