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Your Automated Marketplace

This isn’t your ordinary healthy vending machine. This beautiful, distinctive vending system attracts customers like a magnet. Business offices, health clubs, hospitals, hotels, schools & colleges everywhere love having it on their premises.

  • Deliver healthy food and wellness products using high tech, unattended vending machines.
  • Designed specifically for the healthy vending market.
  • One of the most energy efficient machines available.
  • Optional side units allow the expansion of product offerings.
  • Machines monitored remotely 24/7.

A Vending System Like No Other!

Machine Graphics

Choose from our graphic options or design your own—it’s your choice. We never put OUR name on YOUR machines. After all, it’s your healthy vending business.

SmartPhone Payment Technology

Accept cash, coin and credit or debit cards and payments by smartphones, watches and other devices. Modern transaction processing methods meet changing consumer preferences.

Machine Monitoring and Alerts

Get immediate texts or emails regarding important machine functions. Know exactly what’s happening with each machine without even having to leave home.

eManage Vending Software

Manage sales, profit margins and inventory from any device, 24/7. Know exactly what you need to stock in each machine before you go.

SmartMart Side Vendor

Pre-packaged meals, healthy and safe choices for their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also, specialty items such as headphones in a gym or dental floss in a hotel.

Wellness Center Side Vendor

Face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, supplements, essential oils, powdered drink mixes, and over-the-counter treatments for colds and flu, indigestion and more.

  • NAMA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Eco Friendly
  • ADA Compliant

NAMA Listed

Our machine meets the rigorous 79-point design and construction criteria of NAMA – the National Automatic Merchandising Association. NAMA certification is the gold standard in vending.

100% Lifetime Warranty

The average food vending machine has a one-year warranty. In addition to our lifetime machine warranty we also provide lifetime fire, theft and vandalism coverage.

Made in the USA

Our machine manufacturer has been making high quality vending machines for Pepsi, Starbucks and other companies for almost 30 years. We sold the first healthy vending machines in the nation in 2007 and having a strong manufacturing partner made that possible.


Most snack vending machines are one large cabinet holding both drinks and snacks and both are cooled to the same temperature. We separate these and only cool drinks, making ours one of the most energy efficient.

Ada Compliant

The 2012 changes to the American’s With Disabilities Act mandated new standards for how easy it is for those in a wheelchair to use a vending machine. Our machine was one of the first in the nation to meet these standards. Some machines still don’t.

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