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Simply put, Healthy YOU Vending provides new or seasoned vending entrepreneurs with the equipment, system, software, flexibility, training and support needed to successfully build a viable healthy vending business.

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Critical factors to consider when investing in a vending business

Vending has been around for generations but recent efforts in the U.S. to promote a healthier lifestyle has added a new, more dynamic opportunity for vending business entrepreneurs. Healthy You Vending pioneered the healthy vending business movement and continues to lead the way in equipment, innovation, training and support. We have helped more people to start a healthy vending business than all of our competitors combined. As the industry benchmark, we have “set the bar” and many of our competitors have now modeled their programs and offerings after ours. On the surface, competing offerings may seem the same but, after taking a closer look, you’ll discover there are many important differences. Below are some of most critical factors to consider when starting a healthy vending business.

Equipment & Technology
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Optional SmartMart Side Vendor
Sell, entrees, noodles dishes and more, customize with location specific products for hotels, gyms etc or turn your SmartMart into a Wellness Center and sell CBD oil products, cold & flu remedies and more. You may not use a SmartMart in every location, but you will want the option.
RemotePlusTM Monitoring Software
Take the guesswork out of restocking your machines! Receive real time data about how each of your HealthyYOU machines is performing. POWERFUL information at your fingertips that can be viewed and monitored in your pajamas.
eManageTM Software
The most powerful vending management software in the industry – and we created it exclusively for our operators. Monitor and manage sales, profit margins, inventory, etc. in the cloud from any device. Get text alerts when products are running low or if there is ever a problem with one of your machines. Get a list of exactly what is needed to fill any machine, anytime.
SmartWare ProTM Technology
Optimize your business by preparing custom machine settings at home and downloading them directly into your machines. Change product pricing, offer discounted vends for specific hours or weekends, control the refrigeration system, lighting, internal clock, calorie information, custom display messages, trouble shooting, and much more.
Smartphone/Credit Card Payments
Go above and beyond offering your customers the ability to pay with their credit/debit cards by taking payments with smartphones, watches and other devices. With the latest in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, you’ll be able to increase sales with this latest vending payment technology that comes standard with your machines. It’s really all about convenience.
MediaLinkTM Digital Display
Utilizing our optional MediaLink™ Digital Display Package, you’ll stop people cold in their tracks with the 7” LCD screen that’s strategically positioned on the machine to attract more eyeballs. Maximize your earning power by displaying digital video ads – or display vivid product images and/or nutritional information. Innovation that can generate increased revenues.
Energy Efficient
A more energy efficient compressor and fan motor (cooling system) for lower energy costs and less pollution. Enhanced insulation reduces compressor and motor use – saving energy and extending the life of these parts. An efficient LED lighting system keeps products highly visible but with lower energy usage!
LED Illuminated Windows
Enhances sales by displaying the healthy products in their best light.
Fast, Easy Loading Side-out Shelves
Shelves slide-out for quick loading of healthy snacks, reducing service time.
Vends a Large Variety of Snacks and Drinks
Nutritional Bars • Chips and Pretzels • Dried Fruits • Candy Bars and Gum • Cookies • Cereal and Granola Bars • Seeds, Nuts and Jerky • Crackers • And Much More. All-Natural Sodas • Specialty Sodas • Seltzers • Fruit Juices • Nectars • Iced Teas • Specialty Drinks • Sports Drinks • Waters • All the Healthy Drinks Imaginable.
Complete System & Support
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Location Assistance
As a new Healthy YOU Vending Operator, we will assist you in getting each of your machines into qualified locations. Tell us what geographic area you would like to target, and we’ll get to work. You can even work with our Coaching Department to develop your individualized location strategy. We have developed our proprietary location process over more than 20 years and we even offer a relocation warranty.
Healthy YOUniversityTM
Two jam-packed days at our Corporate Headquarters where you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to launch your healthy vending business and succeed. Held monthly on average, come and get no-nonsense, practical hands-on experience with your machines, products, locations, software, business operations, marketing and much more (travel and lodging expenses not included).
Lifetime Coaching Guarantee
Our experienced in-house coaching staff at HealthyYOU Vending stands ready to assist you in every aspect of launching and maintaining your new vending business. For questions, concerns, instructions or ideas — just ask!
Hands-On Technical Support
Whether it’s technical support for a machine, software or your own website –we’ve got a competent, dedicated team ready to assist you with hands-on expertise for any technical-related question or situation at home or in the field.
Online Support Center
Everything you need to operate your new healthy vending business at the click of a mouse. From tracking equipment delivery to downloading the most recent software. From printing off a page of the HealthyYOU Machine manual to discovering best-selling products and resources. Support is accessible 24/7/365.
Operation Instruction Videos
Instructional machine videos teaching you step by step how to load products in your machine. A must for first time vendors. If your purchase the optional MediaLinkTM Digital Display Package you can play these videos right on your machine.
Customized Website
Establish your presence on the internet with your own customized web site that we provide for you. Drive traffic to your site with effective promotional marketing tools such as press releases, promotional materials, personalized business cards and QR code labels placed on the front of your machines.
Lifetime Vandalism, Fire & Theft Protection Plan
In the unlikely event of vandalism, fire or theft HealthyYOU Vending will replace, with a 50% deductible, any HealthyYOU Vending machine or machine part purchases from us (police report of vandalism/fire/theft required).
Lifetime Pricing Guarantee
HealthyYOU Vending will permanently honor the price you pay per machine at the time of your initial investment. Although we will experience price increases from time to time, you will be locked in for life at the lower investment price.
Shipping Assurance Guarantee
Unlike most vending companies, HealthyYOU Vending won’t make you go through the hassles of filing a claim with the shipping company should there be any damage to your machines. In the unlikely event of shipping damage, we will resolve the matter quickly without delay.
Federal and State Compliance
Disclosures are required under federal law and the laws of many states. A business opportunity disclosure is not as lengthy as a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) but contains some important information.

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