Why we don’t just sell machines
“I want to reduce my investment and start with just machines. Will you sell just machines to me?”

Our company does not sell just healthy vending machines. We help people start a successful healthy vending business. There are many components to the system we have created which enables our operators to build a successful business.

Machines Support Locations Training
How our System Works
If you do not have good quality locations you are dead in the water. You will not have the daily foot traffic that you need to be profitable and thrive in the business.
If you do not know how to avoid paying commission to your locations you will be stuck giving 15% - 20% of your gross earnings away month after month, year after year. This kills the profitability of your business putting it into slow motion.
If you do not have the training and coaching that you need you will make all of the rookie mistakes, lose time and money and go through a very long and painful learning curve unnecessarily.
If you do not have vending management software you will not be able to process remote monitoring reports and know what you need to stock a machine before you arrive at each location.
If you don't know which products are the top sellers you'll never be able to cycle through different products to maximize your revenue in each location and you will spend countless hours researching and then buying products from many different sources instead of the one best source – and you won’t access to the discounted pricing our operators receive due to our group buying power.

Note that each component within the system is important. Some are critical during the startup phase and some are more important later on in the business – but all are part of the system that helps people to become successful.

High Quality Machines
You can’t run a successful business if your income producing asset is not operating. Lower quality machines results in lost revenue and lost locations.
Lifetime Warranty & Guarantees
The average length of a vending machine warranty is 1-2 years. We provide a Lifetime Warranty – along with Lifetime Vandalism/Fire/Theft Protection. No other company in the industry offers what we do.
Technical Support
Whether it’s technical support for a machine, software or your own website – we’ve got a competent, dedicated team ready to assist you with hands-on expertise for any technical-related question or situation at home or in the field. You want to talk to a master technician, not a jack-of-all-trades who isn't familiar with your machine. Our manufacturer is only able to provide technical support to people who purchased directly from our company.
eManage tracks every aspect of your vending business allowing you to manage your business not have it manage you. SmartWarePro automates the setup of your machine allowing you to set pricing and machine features on a computer and transfer to your machines with a Smart Card.
Customized Web Site
You can’t run a successful business without a web site. It is the first impression of your company and you never have a second chance to make a first impression.
During the life of your business you will need to replace some parts. Keypads and motors get the biggest use and will wear out over the years. We are only able to sell parts to our own operators and our manufacturer does not sell parts directly.
Locations / Products
Prime Locations
After getting quality machines this is the most important aspect of your business. Our location team is the best in the industry. They guarantee in writing at least 50+ employees/daily foot traffic for your machines – and we even include a relocation warranty. We can do all of the work or we can work together on a more customized route. We know of NO independent location company who can successfully locate healthy vending machines – even those who do well with traditional vending.
90% Commission Free
To date, nearly 90% of the locations supplied to our operators DO NOT require any commissions to be paid to the location! The result? Another 15-20% of your GROSS sales going into your pocket and not someone else’s - month after month, year after year.
Low Cost Products
Why spend hours constantly researching products and product sources and then driving around town picking up a few products at each stop? Why guess what the top sellers are when the world’s largest supplier of healthy products (who we connect you with) will share that information with you?
Healthy YOUniversity
Everything you need to know to get started and succeed. You’ll get hands-on training on your machines, software, products, pricing and more. You’ll get expert advice from our own CPA as well as learn effetive strageties from an experienced marketing pro. You’ll also meet the coaches, support staff and the owners.
Lifetime Coaching
We still work with operators who bought their first set of machines more than a decade ago. Coaching is not just for new operators (although that's when you'll need it most), but for experienced operators as well as they seek guidance on expanding their business. Coaching starts the day after you make an investment with our company and it never ends - all done by a professional, seasoned team.
Online Support Center
An invaluable resource available 24/7. Want to re-watch a video on how to do a specific task within eManage? Need to print an agreement for a new location? Want to review Suggested Vend Prices for various products? The Online Support Center meets these needs and much, much more.

Robert Kiyosaki, famed entrepreneur, and author the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of books said this about the importance of a system - “Every business needs good systems to be successful. Look at the McDonald's system: it's the same everywhere in the world and it's run by teenagers. This is possible because of the excellent systems in place. McDonald's depends on its systems, not people. There are billions who can make a better burger than McDonald's – but only McDonald's has created a system that serves billions.”

We learned long ago NOT to sell machines by themselves.

Years ago we sold machine only packages. We stopped doing so after not a single person was able to develop a successful business. While machines are a MAJOR portion of your business there are many other components needed.

Buying machines only is like buying a used french fry machine and a used milkshake machine and expecting that you're going to build a successful hamburger business and compete with McDonald’s. It is just not going to happen. 60% of all new restaurants go out of business not because the food is poor but because the owners don’t have the tools and knowledge they need to run a business. You never see a McDonalds go out of business.

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